NCTA Says Goodbye To “Cable” With Rebrand To Promote Tech Links

NCTA - The Internet & Television Association

The cable industry’s chief trade association is ready to retire the “cable” reference. Starting today, the NCTA no longer stands for the National Cable & Telecommunications Association. The organization has changed its name to NCTA – The Internet & Television Association.

“NCTA represents members that are building the world’s most powerful technology platform and creating the exciting content and services that entertain, inform and inspire consumers every day,” said the group’s CEO, former FCC Chairman Michael Powell. “Modernizing our brand injects a new sense of excitement into our effort to represent an industry that is America’s largest and fastest home internet provider and the creator of the world’s best television content.”

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The latest identity shift comes about 15 years after the group changed its name from National Cable Television Association.

Cable companies including Comcast and Charter are eager to be seen as growing technology companies instead of TV providers threatened by cord cutting and shaving. Most large providers recently began to collect more revenues from broadband services than from TV.

Unlike most tech companies, the NCTA has opposed reforms such as net neutrality.

The NCTA tried to reflect its shifting priorities in 2015 when its annual confab, which had been known as the Cable Show, became INTX: The Internet & Television Expo.

NCTA has a new logo to accompany its new name (see above). It says that the design “projects a message of unity, partnership and energy. The interlocking red circle and blue dot form a purple intersection that represents how NCTA brings together its members for unified positions and speaks with a singular voice on issues impacting the internet and television marketplace.”

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