Donald Trump’s Testosterone Level Gets Big Applause On ‘Dr. Oz’ Show

Dr. Oz

The Dr. Oz Show‘s studio audience gave GOP candidate Donald Trump a big round of applause when Dr. Mehmet Oz read Trump’s testosterone level on national TV this morning.

“Your Testosterone is 441 – which is, actually… is good,” Oz said, in another presidential election race first. Oz revealed the stat among a laundry list of test results from Trump’s recent physical exam.

Trump smiled, having last March dispatched debate about his “hand” size, when it came up during one of the GOP debates.

When he looks in the mirror, Trump told Oz, he sees a 35-year-old man.  He plays golf with Tom Brady “and when I’m with him I feel the same age as him,” Trump boasted. “It’s crazy”

Earlier today, Trump’s campaign released results to the media at large, saying, pointedly, “We are pleased to disclose all of the test results, which show Mr. Trump is in excellent health and has the stamina to endure, uninterrupted, the rigors of a punishing and unprecedented presidential campaign.”

Oz made Trump promise not to discuss Hillary Clinton.

“I think it’s fine,” Trump responded, but added, “I want her to get well, so that’s fine.” Snap!

These days, the candidate said, he gets exercise at his rallies. “It’s a lot of work,” Trump insisted, demonstrating to Oz how he moves his arms when speaking on the campaign trail. Plus, the halls in which he holds his rally speeches “are like saunas, and I guess that’s a form of exercise.”

“My wife big fan of your show; I view this as, in a way, going to see my doctor. Just a little bit public,” Trump said.

His father was close to 94 years old when he died and in his last few years of life “he developed, I think it was Alzheimer’s,” Trump said as Oz went through a list of medical questions. His mother was “mentally unbelievable” toward the end of her life and “would have lived well into her 90’s” had she not “had an accident,” Trump said.

Oz  noted Trump is 6 foot 3 inches and weighs more than 230 pounds, wondering if his doctor had discussed losing weight since his BMI is pushing the boundary of acceptable. Trump said he’s always been this way, but also that he was a good swimmer and that’s when he said he’d like to lose about 15-20 pounds.

Only a couple questions from audience members were broadcast. Trump said he would tackle childhood obesity ty bringing sports programs back to schools. And he agreed with one woman’s suggestion that the intolerant rhetoric of the presidential campaign was “very unhealthy” and “very bad” for the country’s mental health, and “we really have to come together as a country.”

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