Donald Trump Tells ‘Dr. Oz’ He Is “Too Healthy” To Visit Hospital Since Age 11, NBC Reports

NBC News

Dr. Mehmet Oz insists he was taken off guard when Donald Trump handed him a piece of paper with info about last week’s physical exam, in an exclusive interview with NBC Nightly News.

The GOP candidate’s visit to Dr. Oz’s syndicated show, taped today for broadcast tomorrow, played out like a reality TV show.  Oz asked Trump, in a clip shown on NBC: “If your health is as strong as it seems from your systems, why not show your records?”
Oz had yesterday promoted he would see the records, though Team Trump said this morning Oz would not. Who to believe?

Trump responded, according to NBC Nightly News video clip: “I really have no problem doing it. I have it here,” in his pocket. Then, turning to the studio audience, he asks, “Should I do it?”

Snow was not seen to challenge Oz, who was giving her an exclusive, when he said he was “caught off guard” as Trump handed him the document Oz had said one day earlier he was going to get during today’s taping.  He told Snow he had to look at the information and process it quickly, and that the data is “good for a man of his age.”  Trump would be the oldest man sworn in as POTUS if elected.

The information includes a calcium scan of his heart that “looked good,” a chest X-ray, and EKG results.

NBC News also reported one audience member said Trump disclosed during the taping he had not been to the hospital since age 11 because he’s “too healthy.”As for exercise, on the campaign trail it comes in the form of moving his arms during speeches, NBC reported. Trump also assured Oz he feels “as good today as I did when I was 30.”

Oh yeah, and Dem candidate Hillary Clinton today made public medical documents including some pertaining to her pneumonia diagnosis last Friday, as she prepares to return to the campaign trail tomorrow after appearing to collapse while leaving the 9/11 memorial in Manhattan on Sunday.

In other Donald Trump Medical News: CNN, citing Dr. Oz studio audience members, said Trump weighs 236 pounds, wants to lose 15-20 of those pounds, and takes statins to lower cholesterol.

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