‘Hardcore Henry’ EPs’ ‘We Kill Death’ Will Be First Film Made For 4DX & ScreenX Formats

Lu Chau

EXCLUSIVE: We Kill Death, the next movie by Hardcore Henry executive producers Alex A. Ginzburg and Let It Play’s Tony Lee, will be the first title made exclusively for the 4DX and ScreenX formats.

4DX is a movie seat and motion sensory technology synced to a film’s action scenes. The format is installed at several theater chains around the globe. Here in Los Angeles, 4DX is available at the Regal L.A. Live Stadium 14. ScreenX, which is nascent in the U.S. but more prevalent in Asia and growing, is a multi-projection system which utilizes the side walls of a theater to extend a movie’s action to a jawdropping 270-degree screen experience.

We Kill Death centers around YouTube death-defying stuntmen Mustang Wanted, Oleg Cricket and duo Vitaliy Raskalov & Vadim Makhorov. Last Friday at the Toronto Film Festival, there was a launch party for the movie with Wanted, Makhorov and Raskalov climbing a construction crane atop a 60-story building. Guests watched from the roof of the Thompson Toronto a kilometer away as the three dangled by their hands, several hundred feet off the ground (see above video).

“4DX and ScreenX takes the amazing and vast appeal these daredevils have achieved on social media and amplifies its intensity, power and visual impact for the cinematic audience. The potential for 4DX and ScreenX in a film like We Kill Death is manifest,” said Ginzburg, “People report intense physical and emotional reactions just from watching these stunts on phones and computers. In 4DX and ScreenX theatres, audiences will be able to feel as if they are alongside the daredevils on screen. We believe that this film will deliver the single most visceral cinematic experience unlike any other.”

“This type of creative partnership is the direction ScreenX and 4DX is headed, “said Byung-hwan Choi, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX. “The possibilities that filmmakers will have when making a film with 4DX and ScreenX are only limited by imagination, and I know that Alex and Tony have the perfect film with We Kill Death to show the world what is possible in the future of cinema.”

Last year at TIFF, STX Entertainment paid $10M for the worldwide rights to Hardcore Henry, which broke ground as the first POV action title. The movie went on to make close to $15M worldwide at the B.O.

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