Ryan Lochte Got Standing Ovation For Surviving ‘Dancing’ Debut Crashers, Says Tom Bergeron

“Oliver Stone is doing a movie about last night,” Dancing With The Stars host Tom Bergeron snarked this morning on ABC’s Good Morning America about the two middle-aged protesters who’d rushed the stage after disgraced Olympian Ryan Lochte performed his foxtrot.

“Drama on the Dance Floor!” GMA announced breathlessly at the top of this morning’s show, putting the Lochte kerfuffle right up there with Hillary Clinton’s health scare, chaos at a Donald Trump rally, and a school bus full of children that had burst into flames.

“I want to say right from the start, boy! You are a pro!” Stephanopoulos complimented Bergeron. Returning from an unplanned commercial break, Bergeron smoothly thanked Dancing security guards for staying in shape. Though, to be fair, they were tackling two unarmed middle-aged men wearing anti-Lochte T-shirts who, in video shot by Dancing cameras, seemed as stunned to be tossed to the stage floor as had Lochte to be confronted by critics of his drunken poster vandalism/national TV fabrication in Rio.

While security guards tackled the two men, bedazzled pro dancer Derek Hough tackled six women in the audience shouting support for the protesters, who were dressed similarly in anti-Lochte T shirts. “Get out of here! This is a good show! A positive show!” Hough bellowed.

The two men reportedly said, in a post-melee interview, that Lochte had put Americans’ lives in danger in Rio when he peed outside a Rio gas station, tore down a poster, then made up a report about being robbed with a gun to his head in an NBC interview. The Olympic swimmer has been suspended by the IOC for 10 months over the incident which also cost him multiple sponsorship deals.

Some Dancing audience members initially thought it was a stunt, Bergeron reported this morning, explaining, “It’s not uncommon for there to be a lot of noise, a lot of cheering and jeering when people don’t like the judges’ comments.”

Lochte got a standing ovation from the audience for having survived the name calling by the two angry guys. “Times of crisis, if you will, certainly bring people together; in this case that certainly was true,” Bergeron commented.

Members of the media, who routinely attend the show to interview the celebs, caught snippets of the action on their phones:


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