Stephen Colbert: Matt Lauer Treated Foreign Policy Like Pizza Delivery, Telling Clinton To Deliver In 30 Seconds

Late Show host Stephen Colbert explained why Matt Lauer has been declared loser of NBC’s Commander-in-Chief Forum, for his “pizza delivery” handling of military members’ foreign policy questions to Hillary Clinton: “Sorry, Secretary Clinton, if you can’t get your plan out in 30 seconds or less, Russia gets a free Ukraine.”

While confronting Clinton over her email habits for one third of her at-bat, Lauer really fluffed his time with Trump, Colbert said. In the course of which, the CBS late-show host gave the day’s very best recap of what Trump actually told Lauer about his secret plan to defeat ISIS:

“He has a plan he hasn’t come up with, but if the generals bring him a plan that’s similar to the plan he doesn’t have he may go with that plan, which he can’t tell us about, because it’s a secret plan that he does not have – Make America Great Again.”

While Lauer has been declared the loser of the forum on national security by pretty much everyone on TV, news or late-night, Colbert insisted the Today host was the “obvious choice” for moderator, showing a clip of Lauer weighing in on military intervention in Syria on NBC’s morning program.

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