Late Show host Stephen Colbert explained why Matt Lauer has been declared loser of NBC’s Commander-in-Chief Forum, for his “pizza delivery” handling of military members’ foreign policy questions to Hillary Clinton: “Sorry, Secretary Clinton, if you can’t get your plan out in 30 seconds or less, Russia gets a free Ukraine.”

While confronting Clinton over her email habits for one third of her at-bat, Lauer really fluffed his time with Trump, Colbert said. In the course of which, the CBS late-show host gave the day’s very best recap of what Trump actually told Lauer about his secret plan to defeat ISIS:

“He has a plan he hasn’t come up with, but if the generals bring him a plan that’s similar to the plan he doesn’t have he may go with that plan, which he can’t tell us about, because it’s a secret plan that he does not have – Make America Great Again.”

While Lauer has been declared the loser of the forum on national security by pretty much everyone on TV, news or late-night, Colbert insisted the Today host was the “obvious choice” for moderator, showing a clip of Lauer weighing in on military intervention in Syria on NBC’s morning program.