Rob Lowe Dives Deep Into ‘Code Black’ – Season 2 Trailer


The military high-and-tight hairstyle Rob Lowe sported on his recent Comedy Central Roast suddenly makes sense: The ‘do suits his new Code Black character Col. Ethan Willis, who we get a first look at in this new trailer. In Season 2 of the CBS medical drama, Lowe’s Willis is a doc in the Combat Casualty Care research program who gets pulled out of Afghanistan to teach combat medicine at the series’ (fictional) Angels Memorial Hospital.

Lowe makes a suitably dramatic entrance in the clip, full of slo-mo action and soulful close-ups (and he looks great in scrubs). Judging from the trailer, he’ll have a juicy storyline in the premiere when the chopper he’s flying loses a passenger – literally, loses a passenger. “I feel responsible for what happened,” he tells the man’s angry brother, who responds, “You are responsible.”

Lowe even gets to make a heroic leap from the helicopter into the ocean, a moment that maybe, just maybe, seems a shout-out to George Clooney’s career-making jump into a flooded culvert to save a drowning boy in the 1995 ER episode “Hell or High Water.”

Lowe’s character will be introduced in the Code Black Season 2 premiere on September 28. The West Wing and Parks and Recreation alum joins Marcia Gay Harden, Luis Guzman, Melanie Chandra, Harry Ford, Benjamin Hollingsworth, Jillian Murray, Boris Kodjoe and William Allen Young.

Lowe’s arrival is part of recent changes at Code Black following the castings of Noah Gray-Cabey, Emily Tyra and Nafessa Williams in recurring roles. All help fill the vacancies left by  Bonnie Somerville and Raza Jaffrey who exited the series.

Code Black airs Wednesdays at 10 PM.

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