Donald Trump’s Performance On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Critiqued On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Late night TV joined TV News in going nuts over Donald Trump the day he made his visit to Mexico and delivered his double immigration speech. While TV news pundits mulled Trump’s quick trip to Mexico and his fiery rhetoric in Phoenix,  ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live sent a Lie Witness News correspondent to ask people what they thought of Trump’s performance on Dancing with the Stars.

Trump visited Kimmel’s show in May, during which he explained how he came up with all those nicknames for his political opponents.

Dancing with the Stars‘ new season starts on September 12. Trump has not been cast this season. Former Texas governor and GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry has. Perry was early Donald Trump flotsam, dropping out of the race after just 100 days, while insisting “the conservative movement has always been about principles, not personalities,” though some might argue, based on how the election cycle has played out.

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