Seth Meyers Probes Report On Donald Trump’s Modeling Agency


Not long after Donald Trump vowed to “extreme vet” all immigrants based on “merit” and ideology, in a double-down speech to fans in Phoenix, Late Night host Seth Meyers talked about a new Mother Jones report in which, he said, former models for Trump’s agency claim they violated immigration rules and worked illegally.

Earlier this week, Meyers reiterated NBC’s generous “offer” to cast Donald Trump in a new primetime series, Chicago President if he would drop his White House bid, only, because he was then trailing in the polls, the offer has been downgraded somewhat.  Meyers has been getting a lot of late-night mileage dinging Trump who, Meyers says, has declined to appear on his NBC program. Meyers turned that into lemonade by “banning” Trump from Late Night after the GOP candidate banned WaPo from his press pool over a headline.

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