Edward Snowden To Appear Via Satellite In U.S. Theaters Ahead Of ‘Snowden’ Opening

Open Road

After making a Google chat appearance at Comic-Con for Snowden, the upcoming movie about his life, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden will appear via satellite from Moscow for “Snowden Live,” a Fathom Events/Open Road event that will include Oliver Stone, who’ll be beamed in from New York. The event will occur in 700 select stateside theaters Wednesday, September 14 at 7:30 PM ET/6:30 PM CT, and ticket buyers will get the chance to see the movie in advance followed by a live conversation with Snowden and Stone. The event will be tape-delayed in Mountain time zone.

It’s a rare appearance for Snowden prior to the movie opening September 16. Snowden will also make the Toronto Film Festival on September 9.


Word on the movie is that Joseph Gordon-Levitt just nails it as Edward Snowden. In fact, the Snowden family gives their thumbs up as well. Said Snowden at Comic-Con, “Some of my family members say, ‘He sounds just like you’…If he can pass the family test, he’s doing all right.”

Snowden also informed Comic-Con attendees back in July, “The FBI actually gets a copy of this talk because we’re going through Google Hangouts. … The data is there for the taking.”

Snowden, which is dramatized, recounts how the former NSA surveillance worker leaked thousands of documents to the press — specifically how the U.S. government was invading the privacy and watching its own citizens more than those of nations that it has a conflict with. The movie delves into Snowden’s personal life with longtime girlfriend Lindsay Mills, his mentors at the CIA and NSA, as well as how documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras and Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald assisted him with his tell-all to the world.

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