Jimmy Kimmel Comes Clean To Hillary Clinton Pickle Jar Truthers


Jimmy Kimmel has come clean about Monday’s appearance of Hillary Clinton on his ABC late-night show, confessing that Guillermo Rodriguez did in fact loosen the top of the pickle jar before the Democratic nominee opened it. The bit was intended to debunk Team Trump talk about Clinton being too frail to serve as commander-in-chief. Kimmel credited Alex Jones, America’s Busiest Conspiracy Theorist, with blowing the lid off the story.

“You just had to keep digging, didn’t you Alex?” Kimmel said on his show. “The plan was so simple. All Hillary had to do was open the jar of pickles and the White House would be all ours. Mine and hers. We had it all worked out. This went all the way up to Vlasic.”

“The juice of these pickles is on your hands,” Kimmel told Jones on his show, as he executed the unsuspecting pickles.

Then, addressing his studio audience, Kimmel added encouragingly, “If you’re ever feeling bad about your job, just remember there’s a grown man who spent a full seven minutes yelling about me and a pickle jar on television.”

Kimmel’s confession capped a busy night of political talk on late-night TV. Clinton’s VP Tim Kaine made his late-night TV debut on Stephen Colbert’s CBS show, with an assist from Veep body man Tony Hale, while, over on NBC, Barbra Streisand dueted with “Donald Trump”on Tonight.


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