Bob Costas Explains Ryan Lochte’s “Over-Exaggeration” Vs. “Lying” To Seth Meyers

“When I exaggerate I tell people I’m 6′ tall. When I over-exaggerate I tell them I’m 6′ 5″,” NBC’s Olympics wrangler Bob Costas tells NBC’s late night star Seth Meyers. He called Lochte a “great swimmer and a nice guy” who did one thing right – “he rinsed the blonde out of his hair” before doing his “I over-exaggerated” interview with NBC News’ Matt Lauer. In that interview, Lochte  acknowledged he did not have a gun pointed at his head when he and some money were separated from each other at that gas station in Rio, and that he had pulled a poster off the wall, peed in some bushes and was intoxicated. Costas said the other three swimmers involved in the incident already are forgiven or forgotton. That’s probably news to Olympic swimmer James Feigen who, this morning, gave his official account of what happened, in a statement issued by his lawyers.

Costas also revealed he’s not a big fan of talking during the Games’ opening ceremonies, explaining he’s pretty tired of saying that Bolivia is where Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid met their end. NBC’s Olympics hosts play “Tidbit Ping Pong, he said, when they divvy up talking points on each country as they enter the arena: “Do you want Latvia or do you want Lithuania?”

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