Doug Stanhope’s Johnny Depp-Produced Stand-up Special Gets Seeso Premiere Date


Ad-free streaming channel Seeso has set a September 15 launch date for No Place Like Home, the latest concert special from veteran stand-up comic Doug Stanhope. The list of executive producers includes Johnny Depp, along with Christi Dembrowski, Brian Hennigan, Sam Sarkar and Brian Volk-Weiss of Comedy Dynamics. Brian Hennigan directed and produced the special.

Taped in November in Stanhope’s hometown of Bisbee, AZ, near Tucson, No Place Like Home is not exactly a love letter to political correctness. Among the lighthearted comedy topics: ISIS beheadings, global poverty, Vietnam vets and LGBT issues — not to mention caring for the mentally ill, being locked up abroad and why everyone should kick like they kick. Also in for some jabs are Gabrielle Giffords, the Duggar daughters, Caitlyn Jenner and the late Robin Williams.

Stanhope’s website describes his stand-up as being “fueled by equal amounts of anger, outrage and alcohol,” adding that he “rails against Western civilization’s slide into apathy and stupidity, always on the edge of implosion yet fully in control and never afraid to risk upsetting his audiences.”

Depp and Stanhope are longtime close friends and recently visited the Comedy Store together. Their relationship was put in the spotlight a few months ago when Stanhope became involved in Depp’s dispute with now-ex-wife Amber Heard by publicly siding with his pal and going after Heard, leading to a defamation lawsuit against him by the actress.

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