‘Pets’ Collars $674M WW; ‘Suicide Squad’ Necks $575M Through Sunday – Intl B.O. Final

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TUESDAY UPDATE with actuals: With offshore weekend finals in from the studios, Illumination/Universal’s The Secret Life Of Pets remained the No. 1 movie at the international box office this session. It dropped a few whiskers from Sunday’s estimates, wagging out $43.8M vs the $45M that was projected. That puts the offshore total at $327.2M through Sunday, and the global kibble count at $674M. This was enough to hold the top spot ahead of Warner Bros’ Suicide Squad, although that film came in solidly higher, at $40.3M vs Sunday’s $38M estimate.

Pets’ biggest decline between what was estimated on Sunday and the finals was in Russia where it ended with a $16.3M debut frame. That included $6.4M in previews, but even excluding those, the film had the biggest opening weekend ever for an original animated offering and the 2nd biggest animated launch ever behind Illumination/Universal’s own Minions last year. Brazil opens this coming frame.

Suicide Squad, meanwhile lifted its offshore total to $313M with higher numbers out of Germany, Brazil, the UK and Italy. That closed the gap on the weekend-to-weekend drop from 36% to just 32%. The worldwide tally for the supervillans through Sunday is $575.4M. The next major release is Japan on September 10.

Actuals details on those films and more have been updated below in the individual breakdowns.

UPDATE, WRITETHRU: The scrappy crew of Illumination/Universal’s The Secret Life Of Pets claimed the No. 1 spot at the international box office this weekend — for the first time since it first went out for a walk in late June, and in what is the picture’s 9th frame of overseas play. With a $45M weekend in 53 markets, Max, Snowball and Duke leapfrogged over another motley bunch as Suicide Squad came in with a $38M third session in 64. In doing so, the Pets deprived Warner Bros’ DC adaptation of a No. 1 offshore trifecta. But, with a 36% drop from its sophomore session, Suicide Squad landed No. 2 and pushed past the $300M mark at overseas turnstiles. The international cume is now $310.4M with a worldwide total of $572.7M putting it on the way to $600M global with little competition ahead this week.

The dogged Pets, meanwhile, are wagging their way to $700M global. While this weekend’s No. 1 is the gang’s best chart position since international rollout began in a very staggered pattern back in late June with the UK, it is not the movie’s biggest weekend gross. That came earlier in August when it barked up $69.3M in its 7th frame (which included a China debut). The Yarrow Cheney/Chris Renaud-helmed animated pic this weekend was catnip in Russia, unleashing $19.5M and setting new records in the market. (Although the Russia number includes five days of previews at $6.4M; if those were excluded, Pets would still top Suicide.) The offshore cume is now $327.8M for a $674.5M global tally — and there are 10 more territories to come including Brazil.

In new openers, Paramount/MGM’s Ben-Hur kicked up $10.7M in 23 overseas plays. There were No. 1s in five markets including Mexico, India and the Philippines. Per the studio, the debut in like-for-like markets and at today’s exchange is 31% lower than Exodus: Gods And Kings and 39% below Hercules. WB’s War Dogs also deployed, in 31 markets, with $6.5M from 2,700 screens.

China had the No. 3 title internationally as Line Walker continued to lead box office there. But this was another quiet weekend for the Middle Kingdom — and even saw two Russian titles make their marks (see more below). Coming up on Tuesday, both Ice Age: Collision Course and Jason Bourne will enter the market ahead of Paramount’s Star Trek Beyond on September 2. Also from Par, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows will look to serve up some half-shell action in Japan beginning August 26. New next week in the UK and Russia, notably, is Jason Statham-starrer Mechanic: Resurrection.

Breakdowns on this weekend’s titles have been updated below:


Paramount and MGM’s re-sandal of the classic 1959 epic came off the starting block with $10.7M in 23 international markets (including 18 where Par is releasing and five where it’s MGM). The Timur Bekmambetov-helmed tale of sibling rivalry and redemption is currently playing in 31% of the offshore marketplace with many more territories to come. The pic’s biggest launch was Mexico where it raced to No. 1 with $2.7M at 700 locations. While the overall weekend total in all 23 markets was below the comps as noted above, the film came in 2% below Hercules and 8% below Exodus in Mexico.

The offshore v domestic splits on those previous films was 70-75% weighted to foreign and that scenario is expected to be similar here with the North American debut taking a spoke to the wheel. Paramount is on the hook for 20% of the $100M production cost, MGM’s stake is 80%. An $80M-$100M overseas total looks to be about where Ben-Hur crosses the finish line.

The genre tends to do well in Latin America (and Russia which won’t release until September 8). Brazil, where Suicide Squad is still leading in its 3rd frame, opened at No. 2 with $2.2M from 574 locations. The start in the Olympics host country was 33% below Hercules and 56% below Exodus. Conversely, Venezuela beat the comps with a better than predicted $992K at 61 locations — 145% ahead of Hercules and +79% vs Exodus.

The Philippines was a No. 1 launch with $630K at 169; 45% below Hercules and 32% under Exodus. There were also No. 1s in India and Bulgaria.

The Jack Huston-starrer next weekend adds Australia, Argentina and the Netherlands. Germany and Spain enter the race on September 1. Rollout then continues through September with a final spin around the arena in Japan on January 13.


war dogs ii
Warner Bros.
Warner Bros is unleashing Todd Phillips’ comedy throughout September, first deploying it in 31 markets this frame including Russia and Australia. The weekend for the Jonah Hill/Miles Teller-starrer that’s based on a true story was $6.6M from 2,661 screens. In Russia, War Dogs placed at No. 2 behind the canines of The Secret Life Of Pets and contracted $1.9M which WB puts ahead of the comps it’s using: American Hustle, The Hangover and Due Date. War Dogs in Australia grossed $1.1M with performances increasing day-to-day. The movie has a B CinemaScore domestically where the R-rated pic opened to $14.3M.

Another comp to bear in mind is 2013’s Pain & Gain which had bigger international stars in Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg but is similarly based on a true story. Russia led offshore markets on that film which cumed $36.3M overseas during its lifetime. Next weekend, Hill & Teller take their convoy to the UK, followed by Mexico, Brazil, Spain, France, Italy and Germany throughout September.


Kubo And The Two Strings
From Focus Features and Laika, the animators behind The Boxtrolls, ParaNorman and Coraline, Kubo opened in eight international markets with $957K. The story of a young boy who must locate a magical suit of armor worn by his late father in order to defeat a vengeful spirit played best in Australia this frame, taking $519K at 226 dates. The Saturday numbers, which are most heavily weighted to kids and families, were good, per Universal, with the full weekend opening 17% higher than Boxtrolls and 29% woolier than Shaun The Sheep. In New Zealand, the start was $89K at 65 dates, better than Boxtrolls and Coraline. Taiwan posted $94K at 49, topping Boxtrolls and ParaNorman. Both those films ultimately found domestic v foreign splits that were about even with Boxtrolls cuming $58.5M.

Rollout on the well-reviewed Travis Knight-directed pic is spread over the next few months with more launches this week in Bolivia, Cyprus, Ecuador, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Peru and Spain.


The Secret Life of Pets
Universal Pictures
Like a dog with a bone, Illumination/Universal’s Secret Life Of Pets still has its teeth sunk into the offshore box office, adding another big weekend at $43.8M in 55 territories. That lifts the overseas kitty to $327.2M for a $674M global tally. The frame was led by a big start in Russia which rolled over for Pets at $16.3M including a record-setting $6.4M in five days of previews. That gives the film the biggest opening weekend ever for an original animated title and the second biggest animated launch frame ever, behind Illumination/Universal’s Minions (excluding previews).

There were a total nine markets added this frame, which is the 9th for the film overseas. No. 1 openings aside from Russia were in Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lebanon and Portugal. No. 2s came from the Middle East.

Portugal meowed to $965K and is the biggest opening weekend of the year. Pets in Latvia is also the top opener of 2016 with $224K. Greece opened on what is traditionally the year’s slowest weekend and pecked away at $288K for No. 1.

Holds are strong with Pets again at No. 1 in Japan. The total there is now $22.9M. In a crowded field in China, Pets wolfed down another $3.1M for a $55.6M cume. France saw a jump of 12% over last weekend and is keeping the No. 1 spot warm in its 4th frame and a 26-day total of $18.4M. Spain also went to the dogs who hold No. 1 again, for the third time in a row, with $15.8M across 17 days. In Germany, Pets is at No. 2 in week four and has a total $25.4M. The animals bunny hop to Brazil, Indonesia and the Philippines this week.


Warner Bros’ supervillains passed $500M at the worldwide box office earlier this week and dropped just 32% in their third overseas weekend. But faced with Pets power, the film did not make it a No. 1 trifecta at the international box office as its DC cousin Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice did earlier this year. Still strong with a better than estimated $40.3M third session in 64 markets, the gang cruised past the $300M overseas mark with $313M to date.

Germany was the key new play this frame with a very good $6.9M No. 1 start on 884 screens. The kickoff is 13% bigger than Guardians Of The Galaxy and on par with Deadpool.

In holds, Brazil takes the cake at $3.5M for No. 1 and a $28.3M cume. Italy continues to slay at No. 1 with $3M this weekend and a $7.5M cume that bests the entire run of GOTG. The Squad slipped to No. 2 in the UK where Finding Dory swam upstream to reclaim No. 1 in her 4th frame. The cume for Suicide there is $36.2M.

The UK leads offshore markets, followed by Brazil, Mexico ($23.6M), Russia ($22.6M), Australia ($21.1M), France ($15.1M), Korea ($14.2M), Spain ($9.7M), Taiwan ($8.4M) and Italy. Japan is still on deck for September 10.


star trek beyond korea
Beaming up notably in Korea, France and Spain, Paramount/Skydance’s latest in the franchise added $11.3M for an offshore total of $84.2M. The Star Trek Beyond crew was in Seoul on Tuesday for a screening and press conference which paid off with a No. 2 opening and $5.6M from 681 locations. Its Korea bow came behind local pic Tunnel which has now cumed $37M. In France, the start was $2.1M in 3rd place; likewise Spain’s opening was No. 3 with $978K. Brazil, China, Mexico and Japan are still to come.


Jason Bourne (2016)
As it approaches $300M worldwide, Universal’s Jason Bourne clocked another $11.2M in 61 territories this weekend. The offshore cume is $137.9M and the global total is $278.8M. There were no new openings this frame. France held at No. 2 for a total $6.6M; Germany held No. 3 and has grossed $5.7M to date. In the UK, the cume is $26M. There are 16 more territories to release with China coming today.


Columbia Pictures
Sony’s remake added another $7.9M from 4,700 screens to take the international cume to $84.2M. The key opening this weekend was Japan where the Paul Feig-helmed pic grossed $4.3M, including previews, from 694 screens. The start was on par with X-Men: Days Of Future Past, says the studio. Mexico delivered $1.1M for a total $5M. France and Spain lifted their cumes to $2.8M and $2.2M, respectively, in the 2nd frames. Korea is next on August 25.


Lights Out Review
Warner Bros
As it crossed $100M worldwide this weekend, New Line and Warner Bros’ horror pic turned on another $7.8M in 45 territories. The international cume is now $46.4M. The low-budgeted David F Sandberg-helmed scarer flicked the switch in the UK with $1.5M on 440 screens, topping opening weekend results for The Visit (+33%), Devil’s Due (+26%) and The Purge (+10%). Indonesia was a No. 1 start with $1.4M on 273 including sneaks. Spain debuted to $1.1M from 275 and landed No. 2, ahead of fellow openers and +69% on The Purge. Brazil grossed $888K on 269 for 3rd place and with the biggest per-screen average admissions among the Top 5. France and Korea will be illuminated this week.


finding dory
Currently splashing around in 22 offshore territories, Disney/Pixar’s sequel put another $6.9M in the aquarium. The overseas cume is $437.5M and the global tank holds $915.9M. Dory passed $900M worldwide earlier this week and now counts the UK as her 2nd biggest play abroad. The market jumped up 9% in its 4th frame to land $3.6M for a $42.3M cume. That tops China’s $38.4M and puts the Middle Kingdom in 3rd on Dory’s overseas chart. In Japan, which is the best overseas market on the movie, the drop was 33% for a cume of $58.5M. France also held well with a 5% dip and a $21.3M total. Dory has Scandinavia circling next weekend, followed by Italy and Germany in September.

With a $6.3M offshore weekend, Sony’s survival tale crossed the $30M mark internationally at $30.1M. There were 24 new territories added to bring the total to 59. France started at $1.5M including previews on 268 screens and 26% above 10 Cloverfield Lane. Australia bowed with $1.3M from 227 and a 12% buoy over the same comp. The UK has now cumed $2.3M. The shark pic stalks Brazil, Germany and Italy this weekend.


pete's dragon 2
In its second outing and as part of a rolling rollout, Disney’s update on the 1977 original picked up $6.1M in 17 offshore territories. Pete and Elliot now have an international cume of $14.6M for a worldwide total of $57.1M. The significant new plays were France and Spain. In the former, the David Lowery-helmed animation came in with $1.8M. Spain grossed $700K. The UK was a great hold at just 1% down for a cume of $3.1M after two frames. Italy dipped just 17% to tally $2.8M to date. Next weekend notably adds Germany as launches continue through September.


bad moms
STX’s comedy strolled into three new markets for a total of 33. The weekend was worth $3.3M to bring the international cume to $20.6M. South Africa opened on par with Sex Tape and 60% bigger than Trainwreck at No. 2 and $143K. Croatia seriously got in on the laughs with $173K from 31 locations to best Bridesmaids by 882%. Australia held at No. 2, keeping the lead on Sausage Party with $1.84M and a slight 26% drop. The cume is $5.9M with the pic tracking between Trainwreck and How To Be Single. Elsewhere cumes are $1.15M in the Netherlands; $771K in Belgium; and $1.3M in Denmark — all demonstrating strong holds. Next up are the UK and Mexico.

As it gets ready to roll into China on Tuesday, Fox’s fifth entry in the franchise gathered $4.12M from 4,200 screens in 63 markets. The international total is now $254.8M. Box office in France rose 16% from last frame with a $21.4M total to date. Holds elsewhere were solid.


the bfg
Disney markets on Steven Spielberg’s family fantasy took another $3.1M in the frame for an international total of $38.5M. Dis’ portion of global box office is nearing $100M at $92.4M to date. Malaysia and Singapore were new this frame with $400K and $200K, respectively. Australia remains the lead Mouse market at $11.3M. Japan goes big on September 17.

Fox’s comedy notably put out ads in France this frame with a $715K start which repped a 51% better launch than comp Let’s Be Cops. In total, the weekend was worth $2.4M in 30 markets on 1,367 screens. Peru ($267K from 91) and Central America ($180K from 82) were also new. Argentina and Norway open next weekend.


In its 2nd weekend of offshore play, Sony’s supermarket sausage fest stuffed $2.1M into the bun on 540+ screens in 13 markets. The overseas cume is $6M. Australia dropped 27% to bring the total to $4M in the Oz shopping cart. Israel and Poland likewise had strong holds. There were no major markets added this frame with the next key play coming in the UK on September 2. Russia, Brazil, Germany and Spain follow throughout October.

Disney’s live action/CGI hit swung a 30% drop in its second weekend in Japan to post a $2.1M frame. That was after strong midweeks. The total there after 11 days is $13.7M. This is the only market still playing overseas where the total is now $592.3M. The global cume is $955.5M.

Moviegoers in 13 territories cast $1.7M in votes for the Universal release from Blumhouse and Platinum Dunes. The international total of $23.3M combines with domestic for a $102.3M global take. Mexico was new this frame, opening at No. 3 with $1.4M. That’s the biggest debut in the market for the Purge franchise, as well as the Insidious series. Still to come are the UK this week and Brazil and Germany on September 15, among a handful of others.

The Legend Of Tarzan (WB): $1.8M intl weekend; $227.1M intl cume
Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (FOX): $1.06M intl weekend; $29.2M intl cume
X-Men: Apocalypse (FOX): $717K intl weekend (Japan); $387.3M intl cume.
Central Intelligence (UNI): $807K intl weekend; $83.2M intl cume
Independence Day Resurgence (FOX): $572K intl weekend; $280.9M intl cume


the crew russia movie in china xinhua
There were no major new entries in China this weekend where Line Walker led for the second frame with a total of $72M to date. Time Raiders, one of the summer’s only $100M+ grossers, now has a cume of roughly $142M. Notably, there were two new Russian entries in the Middle Kingdom. On Drakon, a 3D fantasy adventure pic produced by Ben-Hur helmer Timur Bekmambetov, came in No. 2 with about $7.1M. Indar Dzhendubaev directs the 2015 film about a princess kidnapped by a dragon. Also out of Russia, Flight Crew, an action adventure from director Nikolay Lebedev, flew with $4M in China. In Korea, Tunnel still leads the box office and is now the No. 6 movie of the year in a Top 10 that includes seven local pics.

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