Eli Roth & Blumhouse-Backed CryptTV Partners With Inkshares On Hunt For New Horror Talent

Eli Roth & Blumhouse Productions-backed video platform CryptTV is partnering with crowdsourcing book publisher Inkshares on the launch of a collection of new books published under the CrypyTV name and targeted at the platform’s audience as well as the broader horror community. In addition, authors included in the CrypyTV line of books will have opportunities to develop their stories for other media including film, television and digital.

As part of this initiative, CryptTV will also be running a contest through Inkshares to identify new horror genre talent. Ordinarily, books submitted through Inkshares are published only after reaching 750 pre-orders. However, the top three horror projects on Inkshares, as determined by unique reader counts by October 31st, will be published even if they haven’t hit one of those pre-order goals. Of the three, CryptTV will choose at least one for its collection, which will then receieve CryptTV branding and promotion. Winners will be announced by CryptTV and Inkshares on Friday, November 4th.

“What I love most about horror is how it can define certain moments in life — terror has a particular way of cementing memories,” said Inkshares CEO, Adam Gomolin. “From childhood to adulthood some of my favorite memories were built around indie and mainstream horror — whether tv, film, or literary. The last decade has seen a resurgence in the quality and diversity of the horror genre. I’m thrilled that the stories we bubble up in this collaboration could have a similar impact on the lives of folks of all ages today.”

“CryptTV prides itself on bringing original, short form scares to the horror community and we are so excited to partner with Inkshares to give the fans a voice and platform to bring the next great horror story to life,” added Jack Davis, founder and CEO of CryptTV. “Inkshares facilitates an incredible opportunity for fans and writers alike and I can’t wait to see the response from our horror loving community.”


This article was printed from https://deadline.com/2016/08/jason-blum-eli-roth-crypttv-teams-with-inkshares-1201805825/