John Schneider Studios In Louisiana Begins Cleanup After Devastating Flood

John Schneider Studios via Facebook

John Schneider Studios has been devastated, again, by torrential rains that flooded parts of Louisiana. It’s the second time in five months that the former Dukes of Hazzard star’s 58-acre film studio has been swamped by flood waters.

Located in Holden, 45 minutes north of Baton Rouge on the banks of the Tickfaw River, the property and its 5,000-square-foot soundstage and editing bays were inundated by the overflowing river. Schneider recently directed two films, Smothered and Like Son, that were shot at the studio. He’d been planning a concert at the studio’s barn tonight and vows that it will go on.

“We’re gonna clean up and persevere, because that’s what people in Louisiana do,” Schneider wrote on his Facebook page as the flood waters finally receded. “There are people helping people everywhere here. And they are people who have lost everything.”

He posted the above photo with the caption, “I know the studio store is under there somewhere!”

John Schneider
Associated Press

In March, Schneider launched a Go Fund Me campaign to dig the studio out from what he called “an inch of dirt and silt and mud all over everything” after the nearby river overflowed its banks. “It was quite devastating, especially the sound equipment and lights. That’s a big issue.” The photo at right was taken weeks after that first flood.

Back in business after that flood, the studio was wrecked again by the recent deluge. “Take a page out of Louisiana’s book, and when you see someone in need, help them,” he said on Facebook. “That’s what they do here. And I’m so proud to be part of that. Wouldn’t live anywhere else. You may call me crazy … but wouldn’t live anywhere else. People here are amazing. They’re astounding.”

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