Larry Wilmore Puts John Oliver On Notice After Stephen Colbert Sends Exit Booze

Comedy Central

CBS The Late Show host Stephen Colbert sent The Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore a lifetime supply of broadcast liquor bottles, to ease the pain of cancellation.   This, one day after TBS’s Full Frontal star Samantha Bee sent Wilmore a couple cases of cable TV wine, which Wilmore had enjoyed throughout Tuesday’s show. Wilmore, Colbert and Bee all are alums of The Daily Show; Wilmore learned late last week that Comedy Central was canceling his show, which was made public on Monday.

Wilmore admitted he “got a little boozy” on Tuesday, thanks to his pals at Team B.

“Tonight I am doing the show sober,” he had vowed, until he got Colbert’s gift.

“Apparently he robbed an airline or something,” Wilmore said behind a display of the hard stuff, arranged in a portrait of Colbert.

“I ain’t mad at them,” Wilmore said as he took his first slug, adding, “That’ some good network booze there!”

“Now before we get to the rest of our show, I just got to say,  ‘You better step up rest of late night. Daddy needs some more juice. I’m looking at you Last Week.”

Tonight marks Wilmore’s final night hosting the show that replaced The Colbert Report, but with ratings the network said did not allow for another season pickup.

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