John McLaughlin Dies: Longtime ‘The McLaughlin Group’ Host Was 89

John McLaughlin
The McLaughlin Group

John McLaughlin, longtime host of TV’s The McLaughlin Group has died at the age of 89. The show announced his death on The McLaughlin Group Facebook page.

A message from the McLaughlin Group family.
Earlier this morning, a beloved friend and mentor, Dr. John McLaughlin, passed away peacefully at the age of 89. As a former jesuit priest, teacher, pundit and news host, John touched many lives. For 34 years, The McLaughlin Group informed millions of Americans. Now he has said bye bye for the last time, to rejoin his beloved dog, Oliver, in heaven. He will always be remembered.
Please note, we will inform you – via this page – of memorial service details.

McLaughlin was the creator, executive producer and host of The McLaughlin Group, which premiered in 1982. The program airs nationally of select CBS-owned stations and on public stations.

McLaughlin missed his first episode in 34 years Sunday as host of his political free-for-all The McLaughlin Group. The installment began Sunday with the host’s written note to viewers that read “Dear friends of The McLaughlin Group, Dr. McLaughlin here. As the panel’s recent absences attest, I am under the weather. The final issue of this episode has my voice, but please forgive me for its weaker than usual quality. Yet my spirit is strong and my dedication to this show remains absolute!”

A tweet from The McLaughlin Group suggested McLaughlin is now with his beloved basset hound Oliver.

Dana Carvey is one of many comedians, as well as commentators, who have parodied McLaughlin’s style. Especially memorable are Carvey’s McLaughlin Group skits on Saturday Night Live. McLaughlin made a cameo during one of Carvey’s sketches on the show. The McLaughlin Group program  has also been included in feature films, including Dave, Murder at 1600 and Independence Day. In the movie Watchmen, the group is portrayed discussing the nature of Dr. Manhattan.

HBO’s Last Week Tonight in May did a bit on the conservative pundit titled “John McLaughlin Angrily Introduces Discussion Topics.” Check it out here:

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