Brian Williams’ Redemption Road Likely Leading To 11 PM Tryout On MSNBC

Brian Williams rehabilitation is expected to enter a new phase in which he gets his own, half-hour MSNBC show at 11 PM, to recap each day’s presidential election news.

Not coincidentally,the ratings race tightens between MSNBC and CNN, now that CNN’s rip-snorting presidential election primary debates are a thing of the past.

NBC News is mulling a Labor Day launch for the Williams program. Initially it’s being leaked to Reporters Who Cover Television as a short stint, running through Election Day. But Williams’ job has been somewhat fluid since the former NBC Nightly News anchor returned from a company imposed six-month suspension last year, after it was revealed he had exaggerated his reports about some of his exploits and experiences as an NBC newsman.

He survived a network investigation but lost his evening-news anchor gig, returning to MSNBC, where he had been groomed for the Nightly job years earlier. He since has served as MSNBC’s roving breaking news anchor, covering such stories as the Pope’s visit to the United States, mass shootings, natural disasters, and election events.

Williams was paired with Rachel Maddow to co-anchor the cable news network’s coverage of some early primary events, starting with the Iowa caucus back in February, foretelling this likely new late-night political gig.

The new show would mark Williams first regularly scheduled program since his suspension.

At 11 PM, Williams will be taking on the live CNN Tonight that often runs in the hour; CNN first reported news of its new competition. Williams show also would compete against local news, and Comedy Central’s politically oriented The Daily Show,  among other competitors.

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