Showtime’s Streaming Service Has 1M+ Subs But Won’t Lead To Cord-Cutting – TCA

Showtime President David Nevins was excited to announce that Showtime’s stand-alone $11/month streaming service, which has been made available to those without cable, has topped 1 million subscribers.

It’s a whole new terrain for Showtime, bringing the premium cabler closer to its consumers and changing its mind-set on how to spike their streaming numbers further.

The app is available over the Internet and to Hulu and Amazon Prime consumers as an add-on, or straight from But despite the app’s success, in no way does Nevins believe it’s a sign of gloom and doom for terrestrial cable systems. The Showtime honcho doesn’t believe that TV will entirely be an App-driven medium in 10 years. “Bundling is not going away,” he said. “I’m a big believer in bundling, and it’s a pain in the ass to have 17 different apps. The truth is cable companies are seeing a resurgence. In five years, different people will be putting out different bundles. A lot of people are getting into the bundling business.”

In fact with the streaming app, “the price at which you buy Showtime has gone down,” said the Showtime president, who mentioned that documentaries and shows like The Circus are flourishing with streaming consumers.

When asked whether Showtime will grow more rapidly on the streaming or pay-cable side, Nevins couldn’t project exactly at this point in time.

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