CW Boss On ‘Supernatural’ & ‘The Originals’ Future, ‘Supergirl’ Expectations

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When Mark Pedowitz joined the CW five years ago, he made it be known that veteran Supernatural was one of his favorite shows. He got behind the series, upgraded its time slot and Supernatural got a second wind. Heading into Season 11, the series starring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki may not be winding down soon.

“Jensen and Jared seem very happy, and I’m thrilled with the creative direction of the show,” Pedowitz said. “Creatively the show is terrific, and if the ratings hold, it would outlast me in this chair.”

As for the long-percolating Supernatural spinoff, “it is still a priority, it just hasn’t happened,” Pedowitz said.

Speaking of spinoffs, The Originals has been closely associated with the show that spawned it, How does the end of The Vampire Diaries bode for its offshoot? “I hope it lives very well on its own; I’m hopeful that we will see a fifth year,” Pedowitz said.

During the executive session, which began with Pedowitz doing a jig on stage to Settle For Me from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, he reenacted the negotiations for Supergirl, which moved from CBS to the CW in May. They went something like this: “Would you like Supergirl? Where do I sign?,” Pedowitz said.

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As he noted at the upfronts, ratings expectations for the import are pretty high. “It won’t do as well as it did on CBS, even at the end of the season. But whatever it does, I anticipate it will be our No.1 or No.2 show behind The Flash,” he said.

In an early encouraging sign, the CW is airing Supergirl repeats this summer which have gotten traction on the new network.


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