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No Tomorrow TCA panel

The CW’s new series No Tomorrow centers on a risk-averse procurement manager named Evie who falls for a handsome guy, Xavier, who has no job because his mathematical equation proves the world is ending in less than nine months. Xavier helps Evie bravely do things, like singing karaoke in the pilot.

TV critics, who sweat details, wondered if they will see some kind of CNN countdown-to-the-next-CNN-debate clock, only this one would be an end-of-world clock on the show to put each episode in context. Perfectly understandable question, given that the series is based on a Brazilian format, Como Aproveitar o Fim do Mundo, aka How to Enjoy the End of the World, which ran eight episodes.

Corinne Brinkerhoff

“We don’t want to put too fine a point on where we are in the countdown to the apocalypse,” EP Corinne Brinkerhoff said this morning at TCA. They have a plan for how to handle the series past the apocalyptic deadline, though she declined to say exactly when or how that would be handled.

Some TV critics seemed somewhat skeptical about maintaining the tone on a long-running bright, sunny, end-of-the-world comedy series – even for the CW.

“There certainly are plenty of apocalyptic doom shows. We wanted an apocalyptic joy,” Brinkerhoff said. “We all know on a gut level the clock is ticking.”

“It’s a feel good, uplifting show about the end of the world,” chimed in cast member Jesse Rath, who plays Timothy on the show.

No Tomorrow
The CW

When TV critics described the guy’s end-of-world equation as a conspiracy theory, Joshua Sasse pushed back, instructing critics to expunge such descriptions of his Xavier character. “I would try and veer away from saying he’s a conspiracy theorist,” Sasse said.

But EP Maggie Friedman acknowledged that Evie, played by Tori Anderson, has to grapple with whether Xavier is nuts, is correct or maybe both. It is their intent to keep the audience guessing as to his level of sanity, Friedman said, but insisted Xavier has “the secret of life; you do have to seize the moment” because none of us is “guaranteed a tomorrow.”

Plus, “when you fall in love, you can’t help who you fall in love with,” Anderson chimed in.

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