Brad Pitt Sets Sights On David Fincher To Direct ‘World War Z’ Sequel

The sequel to the hit zombie action pic World War Z is still in search for a director after the departure of Juan Antonio Bayona, who left the project to helm the still-untitled Jurassic World sequel. It now looks as though star and executive producer Brad Pitt is eyeing his Fight Club collaborator David Fincher for the job, with the two meeting two weeks ago to talk the possibility over. Reportedly, Fincher was initially cool on the idea but has since gone further into negotiations for the job even as the production is in talks with other directors. Production companies Paramount and Skydance have not commented on the story. Fincher and Pitt previously made Se7en, Fight Club, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button together. The World War Z sequel is still on Paramounts schedule for June 9, 2017, but a director would need to be in place very soon to begin shooting in time, making a reschedule likely.

World War Z was loosely based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Max Brooks which was framed as an oral history of a worldwide zombie apocalypse several years after the undead menace had been decisively stopped. Interviews with scientists, soldiers, civilians and thinly veiled fictional versions of real-world politicians make up the bulk of the narrative, which recasts the zombie threat in a light similar to the war on terror-turned-world war 3. The film, an action-heavy thriller, retained some aspects of the novel, but charted a story centered around a U.N. invstigator desperately seeking a cure before the world is overrun by the undead.

Variety first reported the story.

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