What Became Of Madame Executioner On ‘Mr. Robot’? Sandrine Holt Has A Clue – TCA

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At the start of Mr. Robot‘s second season last month, we met Susan Jacobs aka Madame Executioner, E-Corp’s General Counsel; an laser-sharp, brilliant executive who can make any problem go away.

Elliot and Darlene Alderson’s Fsociety hacker group target her, tap into her security and high-end penthouse entertainment system,  and literally run her out of the building. At present, Darlene and FSociety are squatting in Jacobs’ pad, making it their defacto HQ.

As of tonight, we’re six episodes in on Mr. Robot‘s second season, and we have yet to see Jacobs return. Sandrine Holt, who plays Jacobs and is starring on CBS’ MacGyver as his boss, teased to Deadline today after the CBS series panel,  “There’s going to be an interesting showdown for Susan Jacobs.” In sum, she’s coming back.  Holt couldn’t comment further on whether Jacobs meets her maker or whether she’ll guest star in Mr. Robot‘s season 3.

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