New ‘MacGyver’ Has No Beef With Angus & “If He Needs A Gun, He’ll Build It” – TCA


On the original MacGyver, the character’s first name, and his aversion to it, was not revealed until the series was ending. The name is used from the get-go on the CBS reboot, and a TV writer at TCA wondered if the rebooted MacGyver also will be Angus-averse.

“They say it all the time on the show – obviously I don’t have an aversion for it,” said Lucas Till, who assumes the title role in the reboot. “Angus is a pretty crappy name.”

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Buchan/Variety/REX/Shutterstock (5827172q) Peter Lenkov CBS 'MacGyver' Panel at the TCA Summer Press Tour, Day 14, Los Angeles, USA - 10 Aug 2016

Another critic wondered, what with the original series having launched in 1985 and this show in the 2016, what will be the percentage of duct tape and lemons to computers? “Technology plays big role in our everyday lives,” acknowledged EP Peter Lenkov, who’d opened the Q&A by showing TV critics how to use a lemon, knife, penny and paper clip to charge a smartphone. But MacGyver will not solve problems with an app. “He’s a cerebral person; his superpower is his brain,” he said. “Technology  is so prevalent these days it’s clearly going to play a role in the show, but paper clip is still No. 6 on the call sheet.”

Still another TV critic wondered about the original MacGyver’s gun-aversion and how that will be handled these days, where action TV series characters minus guns look practically naked.

“It would be unrealistic to do this type of show and not have anybody have a gun,” Lenkov said. “MacGyver is the type of guy, if he needs a gun, he’ll build it.” George Eads’ character is “the muscle” of the show,” Lenkov said, and will be well-armed.

CBS picked up MacGyver to series for the fall, but the original pilot was scrapped in favor of a new take and a new script written by Hawaii Five-0 showrunner Lenkov, with only lead Till and co-star Eads staying on from the original pilot.

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