Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Election Special Trailer: Hillary’s Tailor, Trump’s Crackpots, CNN Photobomb


Hulu has released its new trailer for  Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Summer Election Special 2016, debuting August 11, covering the RNC and DNC conventions in Cleveland and Philly, respectively.

A few days ago, Triumph and his handler, Robert Smigel, came to TCA to talk about their latest Hulu election-cycle special. During that Q&A, Smigel said Triumph discovered a Roger Ailes look-alike, who was so convincing he decided to take him to the RNC. In the company of Fake Ailes, Trumph “gained more access to areas I wasn’t supposed to go….I was like, ‘I’m with Roger Ailes’ and they would literally let me in. He’s the gift that keeps on giving,” Smigel said.<

The new special is the follow-up to the Triumph election special that debuted in February during the primary season.

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