What Inspired ‘Parenthood’ Creator Jason Katims To Make CBS Medical Drama ‘Pure Genius’ – TCA

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CBS fall drama Pure Genius tells the story of a cutting-edge Silicon Valley hospital that treats the most rare and insurmountable medical cases. On the show, which was originally titled Bunker Hilla tech titan enlists a veteran surgeon with a controversial past to oversee this fresh approach to medicine.

Pure Genius (CBS)

“My wife and my dad got very ill, and I spent a year going back and forth between these two hospitalssaid Jason Katims, who was also behind NBC’s mass-appealing emotional series Parenthood. “(The experience) renewed my admiration for doctors and their passion for what they do. However, what frustrated me was the system not working. I yearned for a hospital like Bunker Hill — where the best idea wins, where things don’t fall through the cracks. I imagined what this hospital would look like, merging the worlds of medical and technology and a philosophical approach. Our characters will be dealing with obstacles, to push medicine forward through the use of technology.”

Many of the devices seen on Pure Genius, while not fully realized, definitely are on the horizon. The medical staff also will come up against the regulators in their sector, who can shut great ideas down.

“In every episode, there are dramatic stakes in every story, moral and ethical ambiguities,” Katims said. “Can you do something? Should you do something? There are members coming from different perspectives of what is the right thing to do, and there’s also the outside world.”

Katims mentioned that the reason why the title change occurred was because, “I wrote the (pilot) script and came up with a title, then when you see the show, it felt like that title wasn’t exactly what I wrote for it.”

Stars Dermot Mulroney, Odette Annabelle, Reshma Shetty, Brenda Song, Ward Horton, Aaron Jennings, Augustus Prew as well as EP Michelle Lee were in attendance today.

Pure Genius premieres at 10 PM October 27.

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