Lifetime Orders ‘Who Killed JonBenét?’ Movie Starring Eion Bailey For Fall Debut

By Nellie Andreeva, Denise Petski

Associated Press

As we head toward the 20th anniversary of one of America’s highest-profile unsolved murders — the death of JonBenét Ramsey — there is a renewed interest in the tragic story of the 6-year-old beauty queen. Lifetime will revisit the case with Who Killed JonBenét? (wt), an original movie starring Eion Bailey (Band of Brothers), Michel Gill (Mr. Robot) and Julia Campbell (Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion). Production has begun for a premiere in the fall.

Who Killed JonBenét? joins several other projects about the infamous murder case. CBS has a limited-run documentary series set for a September 18 debut; Investigation Discovery has a three-night television event series premiering on September 12; and there also is the feature titled Casting JonBenet, directed by Kitty Green and produced by James Schamus’ Symbolic Exchange, in the works.

Eion Bailey Michel Gill

Starting with the 911 call and investigation lead by Detective Steve Thomas (Bailey), Who Killed JonBenét? looks into what exactly happened the day after Christmas 1996, when JonBenét (Payton Lepinski) was found beaten and strangled in the family’s basement. With the addition of recently surfaced information, the film takes a fresh look at the events and the competing theories about the murder. Were JonBenét’s parents, Patsy (Campbell) and John (Gill) Ramsey, responsible or covering for someone else in the family? Was this a kidnapping gone wrong, or the work of a predator who had seen JonBenét in one of her pageants? Twenty years later, the case remains unsolved.

Who Killed JonBenet? is produced by EveryWhere Studios and Brightlights for Lifetime. Julia Eisenman (Lies & Alibis), Tom Mazza (My Sweet Audrina), Anne Carlucci (Taken From Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story), Shawn Williamson (Wayward Pines) and Jamie Goehring (Toni Braxton: Unbreak My Heart) executive producing. Jason Lapeyre (Restless Virgins) is directing from a script written by Brian L. Ross (Love by Chance).

Bailey is repped by APA and Industry Entertainment.

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