‘You’re The Worst’ Season 3 Gets Sex Out Of The Way – TCA

You’re the Worst creator Stephen Falk tells TV critics of the Season 3 opener: “I just wanted to f**k with you.”

“I didn’t want it to be a show about titillation,” he said, adding it was important to have the two main characters having sex “to get that out of the way” and it felt important after the dark Season 2 “to show they’re still hot for each other and they came out of the season fairly intact, at least carnally.”

The series focuses on self-destructive lovers, the clinically depressed Gretchen, played by Aya Cash, and the self un-aware Jimmy, played by Chris Geere.

“Every day you walk in and see your costume. Some days, you walk in and there’s just a sock,” Geere joked at TCA of the season opener. Cash, meanwhile, revealed to TV critics that they have a new crew, so it was a “new batch of people taking off your clothes in front of – you guys know what that’s like,” she said sweetly.

Critics reacted with silence. And typing.

“I should take a selfie. I feel like you guys still need that for your [Press Tour] Bingo,” Cash said, to fill the awkward silence.

TV critics giggled, and smiled for the smartphone.

Geere, later in the Q&A, described the two characters’ relationship: “They feel everything that the average couple would feel, but not necessarily in the right order.”

Last January, when the FXX show was paneled at Winter TCA, Falk was coy about the Season 3 opener, noting the writers had only just finished “arcing out the entire season for all four character.”

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