Denis Leary On ‘Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll’ Season 2 Ending & His Urge To Fight A Nun From Childhood – TCA

Denis Leary discussed at today’s Television Critics Association press tour how his FX series Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll will wrap up its second season this summer. As Johnny Rock, the lead singer of The Heathens, there was always a plan for the band to come apart. “The second half of season two is where everything falls apart. The last four episodes, there’s a lot of things that tumble down.”

A clip of a hysterical, drag-out fight scene with the band was shown prior to the panel. It was based on a real-life moment for Leary, going back to when he roomed with a number of musicians in Boston long ago. “The guys got in a fight, and there were girls in the band. No one wanted to hurt their hands or faces because they had a gig coming up,” said Leary.

EP and series director James Serpico mentioned that they even storyboarded scenes for the fight, but threw them all out when they got into the thick of it.

In regards to his character bonding with his daughter Gigi (Elizabeth Gillies) this season, Leary said it was a bit of a departure from the rockers he knew. “They’re entire lives, they’re not saints. What makes them OK, is that they’re not great musicians, they’ve done their fair share of partying.”

Conversation during the panel turned to fighting, and Leary delighted the corps with tales of how he melted his brother’s prog rock albums. Serpico mentioned how hysterical it was when Leary chased after a Mr. Softee truck that was annoying him with music on the set of Rescue Me. But if there was anyone Leary wanted to brawl with, well, it was the math nun from his childhood.

“I never got in a fight with a nun, but I always wanted to fight one f***ing nun,” joked Leary. “She was a pain in the ass. She might have been able to beat me up, but at least I’d get two punches in.”

Leary then exclaimed, “Sister Agnes Catherine, I’ll fight you right now for charity money!”

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