Netflix Acquires ‘VOR;’ Russian Mob Novel By Rimma Rose

EXCLUSIVE: Netflix has acquired neophyte author Rimma Rose’s manuscript VOR to be developed as a feature. The manuscript,  which will be submited to publishers shortly, details the bloody rise of Russia’s most powerful ‘VOR’ mafia commander. It will be produced by Roy Lee and Vertigo Entertainment, Brooklyn Weaver and Mike Tadross Jr. Sarah Bowen brought in the material. Rose, who grew up in Russia with her family in the 90’s amid the collapse of the government, observed the rise of several powerful ‘Vor’ mafia clans who warred for control of various parts of Moscow, with infamous and bloody collateral damage as the result. She has turned it into a fictional tale meant to be a trilogy. It starts with the rise of a young street-wise criminal whose prison battles with other young Vor gain the attention of the higher up’s – whom he will eventually seek to replace. Rose was repped on the deal by Gersh books partner Joe Veltre, and Energy’s Weaver, the do behind The Final Six, the Alexandra Monir manuscript bought preemptively by Sony and then acquired for publishing by HarperCollins.

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