‘Bad Santa 2’ Redband Trailer Forecasts A Blue Christmas With Billy Bob Thornton

Jan Thijs / Broad Green Pictures

This is the definition of NSFW. Billy Bob Thornton’s foul-mouthed Kris Kringle is back and fouler than ever in this new redband trailer for Broad Green Pictures’ Bad Santa 2, a clip so full of blue Christmas greetings we can’t even grab a full quote. “You still hit like your f*cking father,” says Kathy Bates after taking one on the chin, and that’s nothing compared to the abuse taken by Tony Cox’s Marcus, who gets unfavorably compared to characters from Willy Wonka, among other insults.

"Bad Santa 2" Day 35
Jan Thijs / Broad Green Pictures

Thornton plays Willie Soke, a whiskey-guzzling holiday Santa who teams up with elf-playing sidekick Marcus to rob a Chicago charity on Christmas Eve. This time out they’re accompanied by young Thurman Merman (Brett Kelly), while Bates arrives as Willie’s “horror story of a mother” Sunny. Christina Hendricks plays charity director Diane. The rest you’ll have to see for yourself. Bad Santa 2 hits theaters November 23.

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