‘Red Oaks’ Season 2: Expect “A Classic ’80s Road Movie Episode” – TCA


When Season 2 of Amazon’s comedy Red Oaks premieres on November 11, it won’t include anything quite as zany as last season’s “body swap” episode, producers and stars confirmed today at TCA. In that episode, David (Craig Roberts) and Sam (Richard Kind) switch personalities after a bout of drinking.

However, today’s panel teased Season 2 a little: Expect a “classic ‘80s road movie episode,” visits to New York and Paris, a resolution of Season 1 cliffhangers and fewer broad strokes as the episodes continue to deepen the character relationships.

Said Kind: “It’s first and foremost a comedy. We just go deeper” in Season 2.

Jennifer Grey, who plays Judy Meyers, said her character’s marriage, which had been “on the cliff,” in Season 1, in Season 2 “goes off the cliff. We are no longer hanging (and characters) go splat in our own spots. Judy Meyers is figuring out who she is after 22 years of being in a time machine.”

Series co-creators Gregory Jacobs and Joe Gangemi appeared on the panel with cast members Roberts, Kind, Grey, Oliver Cooper, Paul Reiser, Alexandra Socha and Ennis Esmer. Reiser, who plays Getty, said that doing the Amazon series is like a vacation compared to 22 episodes of network TV.

The series creators were asked whether the series would remain in the summer of 1986 or do some time-traveling. Gangemi joked that the team has considered doing a Back to the Future-style visit to 2016.

Jacobs said that a coming-of-age story is universal to all decades, and that the young people of the ‘80s depicted in the series are going through the same things his teenagers are going through and “the same things I went through even though I didn’t have a cell phone.”

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