Roberto Duran To Donald Trump: Let’s Get Ready To Rumble


Boxing legend Roberto Duran said today during a Twitter live-chat to punch up the marketing around the upcoming Duran biopic Hands Of Stone that he would like to get GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump into the ring.

Trump launched his campaign with and has not backed down from his hard-line stance on illegal immigration in the U.S., calling most undocumented aliens “criminals” and “rapists.” He has vowed to deport that group and then build a giant wall on the U.S.-Mexico border to beef up security.

Sitting next to Edgar Ramirez, who plays Duran in The Weinstein Company pic that’s due out August 26, Duran was asked by a fan, “Roberto, who would you most like to step into the ring with today?” Duran answered in Spanish and Ramirez translated:

“Yeah, he said he’d like to step in the ring with Donald Trump, to see how many Latinos he’s going to deport, to see how really strong he really thinks he is,” Ramirez said, after chuckling at Duran’s answer. “It’s a good one,” Ramirez added.

Hands Of Stone depicts Duran’s career rise and fall and also stars Robert De Niro as trainer Ray Arcel and Usher as Duran’s arch-rival Sugar Ray Leonard. Duran has long been a national hero in his native Panama for a career in which he won titles in four weight classes securing a place on experts’ lists of the best fighters of all time.

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