‘Botched By Nature’ Doctors & EP On Misuse Of The Term ‘Botched’ — TCA

Botched By Nature

Many questions about the term “botched” were posed during Botched By Nature’s TCA presentation, particularly because of its negative and uncompassionate connotation attached to these patients whose abnormalities did not result from going under the knife.

The duo insisted that the decision to keep the nomenclature was all about maintaining their brand. “We’re not trying to steer away from that word,” Dr. Paul Nassif assured. “These patients from across the country, they know us as the botched doctors.

Dr. Terry Dubrow

“It’s a spinoff” of Botched and “it’s the botched experience brought to people with congenital deformities, or accident victims,” added Dr. Terry DuBrow. “We want people to know that the botched doctors with their botched experience and heart are applying these skills and sensibilities to people with congenital deformities, that is really what the show is about,” he continued. When “the botched doctors show up to the door we hear [patients] say the botched doctors are here and now I have hope…. Botched is now a brand that means hope for helping your problem.”

“The word botched has transcended our show,” offered EP Matt Westmore.  “It is used out there publicly for anything that deviates from the norm” whether “positive or negative. You see that word used in industries all over… it’s a general term now,” he continued. “People recognized the opportunity, and after receiving around 4,000 submissions to be a part of the show, I don’t think anyone is having a problem with the word botched.”

When asked about the implications of labeling people with deformities. Debrow countered,  “If you have a congenital abnormality and you don’t go outside or go to parties, you know you have an issue.  I know we’re having labeling issues, but when you have a congenital abnormality or have been struck by lighting, no label is going to describe your experience in your life.”

Botched By Nature premieres Wednesday, August 3 at 9 PM. Check out the trailer above.

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