Dennis Haysbert: Dystopian Thriller ‘Incorporated’ Not Far-Fetched In This Political Climate – TCA

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Dennis Haysbert thinks Syfy’s new dystopian thriller, in which he co-stars as the super-scary head of security, is not so far-fetched.

Incorporated is set in a near future where corporations have unlimited power, including the authority make their own laws and to torture, and execute, employees. It centers on Ben Larson (Sean Teale), an executive who conceals his true identity to infiltrate a dangerous corporate world to save the woman he loves.

Among the elements of the show – super-luxurious Green Zone for the 1%-ers, super-poverty Red Zone for the not so fortunate – “all those things we’re headed to, in my estimation,” Haysbert said this morning at TCA. “It reads very real for me.” He believe that, “Even though it’s not quite there yet, a few misplaced politicians and some other crazy things happening in the world … will put us there.”

Later in the Q&A, Haysbert elaborated:

“I have children,  so I’m constantly worrying about the world they are going to inherit. Intolerance of people, against other people, is growing. … This had been going on for a years, and what we are doing now is pulling back the veil.” He forecast that nothing will change “until we learn some tolerance, until we learn that we are all one, our DNA is the same, we’re all human beings.”

Haysbert added: “I think the first time ‘white’ was used was in the 1600s. Generally we were described by where we came from. … All of a sudden this word ‘white’ came through, and now everyone is going for their own sense of power … to figure out who’s on top. There is always that 1% who looked down upon everyone else and kept us fighting each other. Until we figure that out and stop, this is where were headed.”

Julian, Haysbert’s security specialist-cum-inquisitor character on the show, is someone much to be feared, “but you’ll also see a lot of compassion out of this man. He is a man who is trying to protect his family,” the actor said.

In February  Syfy gave a 13-episode series order to Incorporated, thw futuristic thriller pilot from Matt Damon, Ben Affleck & Jennifer Todd’s Pearl Street Films, CBS Television Studios and Universal Cable Prods. Syfy also said today that the series will debut Wednesday, November 30.

Amanda N’Duka contributed to this report.

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