TV Series Based On 2007 Iraq Surge In Works From ‘World War II In HD’ Producer & Samuel Goldwyn

Photo Courtesy of Robert S. Colella

Samuel Goldwyn Films has joined with producers Michael S. Emerson and Col. F. Lee Reynolds to develop The Surge, a potential TV series based on retired First Sgt. Robert Colella’s 2012 book Battle for Baqubah: Killing Our Way Out. Colella was part of Cavalry Company, and the book is a firsthand account about how it defeated Al-Qaeda in the final battle of the surge in 2007. A search is underway for a writer to adapt the book and develop the project.

The producers have acquired rights and plan to marry elements of the ground forces and Apache attack helicopter missions to highlight the experiences of the soldiers in war and in life.

“This is one of those incredible true stories where ordinary men and women are thrown into an extraordinary, history-changing conflict where success was accomplished by bringing together the ‘ground pounders’ of Bravo Company, a Stryker combat unit and an Apache air combat unit to defeat a well-armed, well-trained force 10 times their size,” said Emerson, whose credits include the History docuseries World War II in HD and Vietnam in HD. “Our troops quickly learned, in order to survive, they not only had to fight Al-Qaeda but their own command.”

Emerson and Reynolds will be producers, with Peter Goldwyn, Ben Feingold and Melanie Miller of Samuel Goldwyn executive producing.

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