Seth Meyers Reads Donald Trump Scene From ‘Chicago President’


Seth Meyers last night provided more details of NBC’s generous offer to give Donald Trump a 13-episode order for a new scripted primetime drama series, Chicago President, in which the GOP nominee could “be the President you want to be…without the pesky bother of the press, voters, or the Constitution.”

Among the perks, a salary of $400K a year, $10K higher than the actual POTUS job, which would help Trump get back on his feet from a financial tumble Meyers continues to insist he knows to be the real reason Trump won’t release his tax returns.

And, the series would have flashbacks to show people “how great you always were.” Just this week, for instance, Trump took heat for attacking the father of a soldier who died in combat, who responded that Trump had never sacrificed. And it has been noted Trump did not serve in Vietnam after getting a medical deferment for bone spurs in his foot, though, in a 2015 clip shown by Meyers, Trump declined to say which foot, saying he did not know.

“Some are saying…maybe that was a phony foot injury,” Meyers said. “On Chicago President we could set the record straight. And tonight we’d like to like to read a scene… which takes place in 1968, when the doctor gave you terrible, terrible news you would be unable to fight in Vietnam.”

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