‘Blindspot’ Season 2: Lighter Tone, Questions Answered & More Rich Dotcom – TCA

As Blindspot moves from 10 PM to 8 PM next fall, there will be some tonal changes on the show.

“We’re not going to shoot anyone in the head anymore,” creator Martin Gero said at TCA. “Obviously, we are toning back some of the violence on the show but not to a point where people won’t recognize it.”

He stressed that “one of the things about the show was its sense of fun and a little lightless,” noting that there will be a stronger emphasis on lighter elements next season.

Gero said that he and his team are “viewing Season 2 as more important than Season 1.”  The goal is to make the series accessible to viewers who haven’t seen the first season by mixing mythology with procedural stories and resolving a large number of the mysteries from the first season right off the bat.

Blindspot picks up three months after the Season 1 finale where Kurt (Sullivan Stapleton) arrested Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) after discovering that his father had killed his childhood friend Taylor Shaw and Jane had been just pretending to be her.

“Jane has been at a black site for 3 months, Kurt is dealing with the discovery about his father killing Taylor, while the team feels betrayed,” Gero said.

A new character, the head of a secret division of the NSA played by Archie Panjabi, “acts like a soothing mom who helps them work together, so we don’t start the season as dark as we would’ve without Archie,” Gero said.

Jane Doe’s real name will be revealed in the first episode of the second season. “Not only will we find out her name but also what Orion is and who Shepherd is, what the plan is and who the real Jane is,” Gero said.

By answering all the big questions from Season 1 quickly, “we want to reward our loyal viewers while not alienating casual ones,” Gero said.

Asked about a potential spinoff featuring the breakout guest-starring character of Rich Dotcom, Gero confirmed that Rich will return in the seventh episode of Season 2. No spinoff for him… yet.

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