Anton Yelchin’s Parents Sue Jeep Maker For ‘Star Trek’ Actor’s “Wrongful Death”

Chris Chapman for Deadline

Viktor and Irina Yelchin claim in a lawsuit filed today that Fiat Chrysler and others caused the “wrongful death” of their son Anton Yelchin on June 19 by not dealing earlier with a defective gearshift in his 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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“Plaintiffs are informed and believe and, based upon such information and belief, allege that, despite said actual knowledge of the defective design and/or manufacture of the Subject Vehicle and Subject Gear Selector, Defendants FCA US LLC, ZF NORTH AMERICA, INC., AUTO COMPANY XXIJJ, INC., dba AUTONATION CHRYSLER DODGE JEEP VALENCIA and CA SUPERSTORES VALENCIA CJD, and DOES 1 to 100, inclusive, failed to timely and/or adequately remedy the defective Subject Vehicle and/or defective Subject Gear Selector,” claims the jury trial seeking complaint for various unspecified damages (read it here).

The 27-year old Star Trek actor died in late June when his own car rolled down his driveway after he thought it he put it in park and pinned him. Yelchin “was crushed and lingered alive for some time, trapped and suffocating until his death,” hauntingly states today’s 18-page filing from Beverly Hills lawyer Gary Dordick. “The parents’ action notes they have suffered “the loss of Decedent Anton Yelchin’s consortium, love, companionship, guidance, comfort, society, solace, moral support, all to their general damages, in a sum to be proven at time of trial.”

The incident is still under investigation by the LAPD and the car manufacturer itself. Tuesdy’s filing is the second legal action as a result of Yelchin’s tragic death with a proposed class action lawsuit filed on June 23 by other Jeep Grand Cherokee owners.

“Defendants, and each of them, knew or should have known that it was likely that a person such as Decedent Anton Yelchin would use the Subject Vehicle in a reasonably foreseeable manner and would suffer serious injuries and even death because of the defect(s) of the Subject Vehicle and Subject Gear Selector,” asserts the today’s Yelchins’ filing

In a press conference earlier Tuesday, attorney Dordick revealed that Yelchin actually received a recall notice for his vehicle – a week after he died. Yelchin’s SUV was one of 1.1 million Fiat Chrysler vehicles subject to a global recall because of the gearshift problem that has confused drivers and causing the vehicles to roll unexpectedly.

The premiere of Star Trek Beyond at Comic-Con last month saw EP J.J. Abrams ask for a moment of silence in tribute to the Pavel Chekov portraying actor. Abrams also said that the Chekov role will not be re-cast for possible further films in the Paramount franchise.

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