Samantha Bee Mocks Donald Trump’s Reax To Father Of Slain Muslim Soldier At DNC, On ‘Full Frontal’


Samantha Bee opened this week’s Full Frontal with a look back at last week’s unexpected “triumph of positive messaging and flawless showmanship” that was the DNC. “Turns out the Democrats had this in them all along, and all it took for them to get their shit together was the looming certainty of Armageddon,” Bee observed.

Among the DNC messages was its warm embrace of refugees – from the GOP. This was accomplished using messages typically seen at Republican conventions, and a certain amount of “first-class trolling of a certain Law And Order Humper,” she noted, adding:

“Come on Republicans who you gonna listen to: Agent Orange or Black Reagan?”

But the week was not without its controversy, First Daughter having plagiarized both RNC themes in her DNC address, when she mentioned movies Police Academy and Pride & Prejudice in same sentence.

And, Bee forecast, Dem nominee Hillary Clinton’s biggest challenge going forward will not be America’s Burst Appendix, but “herself.”

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