Procedurals Returning To TNT, ‘Detour’ Headed To NY, More Samantha Bee -TCA


After flipping the switch overnight from lighter procedurals like Rizzoli & Isles to dark serialized dramas like Animal Kingdom and Good Behavior under Kevin Reilly, TNT will gradually bring back procedurals and lighter fare, Reilly said at TCA on Sunday.


The plan is to reintroduce a procedural drama on the network in late 2017 or early 2018. “There is still an audience that likes a good closed-ended story,” Reilly said. TNT’s signature procedurals, departing Rizzoli & Isles and Major Crimes, continue to be the network’s most watched series.

Lighter tone also is staging a comeback, with Reilly pointing to the current comedic drama pilot Claws starring Niecy Nash, which he compared to Desperate Housewives. “I really don’t think everything should be dark,” he said.

Reilly also provided details about the storyline for the second season of comedy series Detour, created by Jason Jones and Samantha Bee. “In Season two, Nate (Jones) is moving to New York City and trying to restart there,” Reilly said, adding,  “Detour is a metaphor for life, not just being on the road… it’s  about keeping people on their toes, reset each season with some large premise.” He gave Jones and Bee thumbs up for the first six scripts from Season 2.

Full Frontal Renewed TBS

There were more enthusiastic thumbs up for Bee’s work on her well received late-night show Full Frontal, whose ratings have been on the rise. Reilly said that the network was open to any format, half-hour, one-hour, daily, weekly, and it was Bee that opted to go with a half-hour weekly show. TBS would love more content from her, and there will be an expansion of her presence via hour-long specials tied to the Presidential election. Also, “you will see a more robust digital presence, with Samantha doing segments during the week,” Reilly said.

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