‘Rectify’ Final Season Will Reveal Daniel Holden Killed Hanna, Or Not– TCA

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Sundance TV kicked off its Rectify Q&A at TCA by announcing that the show will return for its final season on October 26, so naturally the first question was fired at creator, EP, writer, director Ray McKinnon: Will he reveal whether Daniel Holden (Aden Young) committed the crime for for which he spent 19 years on death row.

“Well,  I think we discussed that in the writers room,” McKinnon began, noting that “a lot of bright people put all their IQ’s together, eight of us, and we had a near genius” among them.

“We’re going to reveal in the first episode that he killed her,” McKinnon said dryly, to an audience of TV critics who seemed perplexed/shocked/disappointed by his sense of humor.

“So yeah, there’s that issue. And hopefully, by the end of the season, how we deal with that will leave you, in a Rectify way, satisfied, maybe,” McKinnon continued. “Some people it will, some it won’t, but something is going to be revealed, for sure,” he concluded, philosophically.

When the Q&A clock drew to a close, the room took another crack at spoiler/closure:

“Did you have a sense of how you wanted to end the show and does the actual end reflect that or did it change,” one TV critics probed.

McKinnon began to wax eloquent about “our need as human beings to have closure…” Not a good sign.

“…to have order in the universe, and in our art. We want to have that. Art is the frame and we want conclusion…to answer our questions,” he said, warming to this theme.

“But, that’s not life. Part of what we were trying to do in the show is reflect, in a skewed way, what life is. So it both did and didn’t end the way I expected.”

So there’s that.

For those who have missed it to date, Rectify follows Holden as he returns to his small hometown in Georgia after serving 19 years on death row. Having spent his entire adult life waiting to die, Daniel must now try to find a way to cope with his past and forge a “normal” life with an unexpected future before him. While doubts surround the circumstances of his original conviction, Daniel affects everyone he encounters in different and profound ways — his very fractured family, his community and even strangers. As the final season begins, Daniel has been banished from Paulie as part of a plea deal and set out to start his new life in Nashville.

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