‘Documentary Now!’ Spoofs ‘The War Room’ – But It’s Not Political – TCA

IFC/Documentary Now! kicks off its new season on September 14 with a send-up of the 1993 political docu The War Room, about Bill Clinton’s campaign for POTUS in ’92. Bill Hader reprises his James Carville, while Fred Armison, spectacularly be-wigged, is George Stephanopoulos.

Asked at TCA about playing Carville again, Hader insisted “It’s different. When you watch The War Room, he’s like a different guy than when he was a pundit, later.  “When I played him on Saturday Night Live he was raised by eels and stuff – this kind of insane Other Thing.” In The Bunker, Carville is the guy who keeps forgetting his candidate’s name. “It doesn’t matter who he is helping win, he just wants to win,” Hader explained.

Asked if it’s harder to do political humor and make it seem outrageous, when Donald Trump is the GOP nominee and Hillary Clinton the Dem, Armison insisted The Bunker is “more of a time piece, not a political piece. He described it as their take on 90’s documentaries. The Bunker “wasn’t about the politics of it ” and the politics in their spoof are deliberately “really blurry,” he insisted.

“I’m sure people will find some correlation to what’s going on now,” Hader acknowledged, accurately. “But we never wanted to make it some big statement on what’s going on now. It’s more like big general truths about people running a campaign.”

Armison went one further, insisting it’s entirely a coincidence The Bunker is airing in an election year. And Hader said they decided to spoof The War Room because it’s a docu that affected comedy series for years to come, citing The Larry Sanders Show and The Office. “It started with that documentary,” he said.

Plus, Carville and Stephanopoulos “were two characters Fred and I could play,” Hader said. “We could totally play those characters”

Anne Hathaway, Mia Farrow, Peter Bogdanovich and Peter Fonda guest on this season of Documentary Now!

 Co-created by Armisen, Hader, Seth Meyers –  and Rhys Thomas, Documentary Now! is produced by Broadway Video.

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