‘Jason Bourne’ Bulks Up With $50.7M Bow, Franchise Records – Intl Box Office Update


MONDAY UPDATE, WRITETHRU: After logging the biggest international opening day for the franchise as it began offshore rollout last week, Jason Bourne cracked the best offshore weekend launch ever in the series. The Universal action thriller landed $50.7M in 48 markets including Korea, the UK, and Australia, to best all previous Bourne films on a like-for-like market basis. Today’s actual figure is up from Sunday’s $50.1M estimate. There were No. 1s in 27 out of the 48 with much of Europe as well as China (August 23), Mexico (August 26) and Russia (September 1) still to come.

Eyes now are on Jason Bourne becoming the overall biggest in the franchise abroad. Each of the previous pics starring Matt Damon drew higher numbers domestically versus international. The Bourne Legacy, which went a Damon-less route in 2012, is the only one in the series to have made more overseas. That was partly down to China which threw off a $34M take to help pad a $164M offshore cume against the franchise-low domestic haul of $113M.

To take international honors for the series, JB needs to outstrip The Bourne Ultimatum and its $215.7M offshore gross from 2007 (that’s about $178M in today’s dollars). There are key sophisticated markets bowing over the next month or so (i.e., France, Germany), and there has been much growth in China since the last installments. Despite a recent general slowing of Middle Kingdom turnstiles, optimism is the name of the day. Damon has been a stalwart partner in overseas promotion and is next due to visit both China and Japan — the latter opens in October. One potential wrench on overall offshore terms will be Warner’s Suicide Squad which is expected to bow big next weekend, albeit drawing a younger base.

Director/co-writer Paul Greengrass and Damon’s reteam was the major opener in overseas play this frame and led the box office domestically ($59.2M), internationally ($50.7M) and worldwide ($109.9M). The film set launch records for the franchise as well as for Greengrass and Damon in the UK ($10M); in Australia ($5.8M) it was the best Damon and Bourne opener ever. The UK is traditionally, and remains, a big Bourne market, but JB missed the No. 1 spot in its bow as Finding Dory finally swam onto British screens with a $10.8M start.

Korea is the lead overseas play thus far with $11.3M at 350 dates. Although JB faced stiff competition from local titles and placed No. 3 for the frame, the weekend haul is a franchise milestone and comes ahead of comps like Spectre and Universal’s Furious 7. See more below.

Also debuting this frame was STX’s Bad Moms which bested comps like Bridesmaids, Trainwreck and Sex Tape with $1.4M in 12 markets. In holdovers and expansions, Illumination/Universal’s The Secret Life Of Pets is a cat’s whisker from $100M; Paramount/Skydance’s Star Trek Beyond crossed $50M; and Lionsgate’s Now You See Me 2 has topped the first film’s overseas lifetime. In China, new entry League Of Gods kicked off its run with about $30M, a middling result in a Middle Kingdom July that failed to produce 2015-level mega-hits. Jackie Chan’s Skiptrace, however, has cracked $100M after just two frames.

Breakdowns on the above and more are below; actuals have been updated.

Universal’s return to the amnesiac assassin is the fifth film in the franchise that’s based on characters created by Robert Ludlum and has grossed over $1B worldwide. As rollout continues, this could be the first time Damon’s spy eyes bigger returns overseas versus domestic. The star, who had a mega-international hit with last year’s The Martian, engaged in worldwide promotion for JB, visiting Australia, Korea, the UK, France, Spain and Germany. Premieres for the film were held in Sydney, Seoul, London and Paris. But the tipping point here could be China. Offshore grosses on the fourth film, the Damon-less The Bourne Legacy ($163M), ultimately outstripped domestic ($113M – a franchise low for North America). The overseas bump, while still a lower cume than The Bourne Ultimatum‘s $215.7M, was in part thanks to China which gave Legacy $34.2M as the market began to grow exponentially in 2012. Jason Bourne bows in the Middle Kingdom on August 23.

Jason Bourne (2016)

Looking at this weekend, JB surfaced at No. 3 in Korea with $11.3M at 350 dates. Two local pics, Operation Chromite, starring Liam Neeson, and Train To Busan, dominated proceedings but Bourne‘s start gave the franchise its best ever. In the UK, JB was similarly not the No. 1 film, owing to Finding Dory which finally washed up on British shores after weeks of build-up elsewhere. The $10M UK business done by Bourne at 563 dates makes it the top opening of the franchise there and the best Greengrass and Damon launches ever in the market. Rounding out the Top 3, Australia was a No. 1 launch with $5.8M at 282 dates. That’s the biggest Bourne Oz opening; likewise for its star.

Other No. 1 market debuts include Taiwan ($2M); Spain ($1.9M); Indonesia ($1.7M); the Philippines ($1.5M); the Netherlands ($1.5M); the UAE ($1.2M); Sweden ($1.1M); and Singapore ($1.1M). Brazil opened No. 4 with $1.4M.

There are 20 more territories to release including Argentina and India next weekend. China comes in on August 23 followed by Mexico on August 26 and Russia on September 1.


bad moms

STX’s R-rated comedy targeted Scandinavia, Spain and parts of South East Asia in its debut weekend as it looked to counterprogram against all of the male-driven action fare that’s been dominating the market — along with the family-friendly animated offerings which kids have hooked into this summer.

In 12 openings, Bad Moms grossed $1.4M at 914 locations. Highlights include Denmark with $310K from 60. That’s 75% ahead of Bridesmaids, 115% on top of Sex Tape, and 450% over Trainwreck. Norway was likewise a No. 3 bow with $185K from 130 locations: +18% of Bridesmaids, +31% of Sex Tape, +58% of Trainwreck. In Finland, the comps are +45%, +16% and +75%, respectively with $100K at 100 dates. Bridesmaids ultimately legged to $119.3M offshore, Sex Tape climaxed with $88M and Trainwreck ended its journey at $31M.

Spain was the top-grossing bow at $325K from 270 to turn the fire up 34% versus The Heat. The South East Asian markets, which include India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan, were worth $262K.

From Jon Lucas & Scott Moore, the writers of The Hangover ($190M intl box office), the $20M budgeted Bad Moms has an A CinemaScore domestically. The story of over-worked, under-appreciated mothers who are pushed to the brink and decide to take a walk on the wild side has a universal theme that should easily translate overseas. Star Mila Kunis is well known to offshore comedy audiences in films like Ted and Friends With Benefits; and also for her breakout sitcom, That 70s Show, whose reruns have aired for years. There were more than 60 promo screenings across 50 markets for the picture which continues rolling out over the next two months. Key upcoming plays are France on August 3; Australia, Brazil, and the Netherlands on August 11; the UK and Mexico on August 26; Russia on September 1; and Germany on September 22.


The Secret Life of Pets
Universal Pictures

Max, Duke and the gang barked up another $30.1M this weekend in 21 territories. The international total is now $99.5M with 48 more markets to go over the next few months. China opens on Tuesday. The Illumination/Universal pic from director Chris Renaud, has a worldwide cume of $396.4M in what has been a highly animated summer.

In new openings, Mexico was No. 1 with $7.6M at 726 dates. That bests the previous record for top bow ever for an original animated film which was set by Inside Out last year. Germany was likewise No. 1 with $7.1M at 690 dates for the best animated opening since Minions and coming in ahead of comps like Inside Out and Zootopia. France also bow-wowed in first place with $5.9M at 724 dates. Uruguay launched Thursday and set a record as the biggest opening day for an animated film ever, overtaking Minions. In holds, the UK has now wagged up $41M; Argentina has caged $8.8M; and Israel, where an open-air screening for pets and their owners was recently held in Tel Aviv, is No. 1 for the 5th consecutive week and a $3.3M cume.

The Jackie Chan/Johnny Knoxville-starrer added $27.3M in four markets, $26.7M of it coming from China. The gross there as of Sunday was $113.4M and the worldwide total is $115.7M. This is one of the only clear hits of the Chinese summer, along with Cold War 2, as Q2 box office fell by 4.6%, the first time that’s happened in five years. On deck this weekend is 3D adventure Time Raiders which should be poised for big business with local star Lu Han leading the proceedings.



Pixar’s fish tale has this week become the No. 5 film of the year at the worldwide box office with a cume of $831.2M through Sunday. The extended rollout continued this frame as Dory rode a $10.7M wave into the UK for the 2nd biggest ever Pixar or Disney animated bow ever, behind Toy Story 3. In total, the international weekend was worth $24.1M in 46 territories. Europe dipped 33% with increases in both Belgium (+37%) and the Netherlands (+26%). In Asia, Japan dropped just 6% and Korea increased 11% while local drama continues to dominate there. The next openings are in September in Italy and Germany with the current offshore total at $362M.


legend of tarzan
Warner Bros.

Warner Bros actioner/romance added Germany ($2M), Japan ($1.5M) and the UAE ($1.6M) this frame, swinging to a total session of $22.8M in 64 markets. The international cume to date on the Alexander Skarsgard-starrer is $189.5M. China, where the David Yates-helmed pic secured a rare July release for a Hollywood movie, had a second weekend of $5.7M on 3,000 screens for a total of $41.4M. It was No. 3 in the Middle Kingdom for the frame, behind new opener League Of Gods and Jackie Chan/Johnny Knoxville-starrer Skiptrace. China is the top market on the movie while Brazil and Spain had good holds. In Brazil, Tarzan has cumed $7.6M and was No. 1 again this weekend; in Spain the No. 2 movie has a cume of $4.3M after the weekend.


With few new markets added this frame, the 5th Ice Age movie charted $20.19M in its 5th session of offshore play. The international cume is now $212.3M with several markets to come including Italy on August 22 and China on August 23. Currently, Scrat is chasing his nut in 61 overseas markets, led by Brazil at $19.2M after a drop of just 26% in the 4th frame. Germany is next with $19.1M and counting, while France is at $16.16M after three weeks. Poland was new this frame with a very good No. 1 start of $1.73M on 304 screens. With $42.1M domestically after two weeks, IA5 is currently weighted with 83.4% of its box office coming from overseas. The last Ice Age picture, Continental Drift, ended at 81.6%. The best split for domestic was on the original 2002 film which took 46% of its woolly mammoth money from North America.


star trek beyond 2

In its 2nd offshore enterprise, STB dropped 57% to $13M for a cume of $54.8M. Now in 40 markets, three smaller plays were added this frame. Key holds include the UK where, amid a crowded landscape, STB grossed $2.9M at 544 locations for a 10-day total of $13.3M. Germany was good for $2.6M at 557 and a No. 2 sophomore session for a total $8.6M. Australia has cumed $5.2M while Russia has beamed up $5.5M. Still to come on the Paramount/Skydance franchise pic are France, Korea and Spain in August; Brazil, Mexico and China in September; and Japan in October. Star Trek Into Darkness counted China as its biggest overseas till with $57M, followed by the UK at $39.4M and Germany at $20.6M.


Ghostbusters after three weekends has slimed $51.7M worth of moviegoers in overseas markets. Russia and Italy got in on the girl-power this frame, helping boost the session to $10.1M. Russia was a No. 1 start with $2.5M from 2,200 screens. Sony is using Thor as a comp here, noting GB is 13% ahead. In Italy, a No. 1 start put $900K in the machine. Australia and the UK are both in their third sessions with grosses of $7.9M and $12M, respectively. Major markets like Germany, France, Mexico, Spain and Japan roll out throughout August.


now you see me 2

Lionsgate’s horsemen continue their ride internationally with another $10.9M weekend in 83 markets. That takes the offshore cume to $238.1M, besting the $235M grossed by the first film in 2013. Its run has now ended in China and while it was shy of the $100M mark, a $97.1M total there makes it one of the strongest performers of 2016. Elsewhere, NYSM2 bowed in France with $5.2M and No 2 behind Pets. Belgium bested NYSM by 65% at open with $737K including previews. Germany and Japan remain on deck for August 25 and September 1.


lights out 2
New Line

Warner Bros/New Line’s $5M horror pic scared up another $8.4M from 4,700 screens in 38 international markets. The film has flicked the switch on an overseas total of $21.1M to date in a summer that has proved positively bright for scare tactics. Coming on the heels of James Wan’s The Conjuring 2 (Wan is producer here), Lights Out opened in Mexico to $1.8M on 1,288 screens. The No. 2 start bested most comps including The Boy, Poltergeist and The Devil Inside. Australia and Russia saw good holds with cumes of $1.7M and $3.2M, respectively. Germany and Italy open this week on the David F Sandberg-helmed pic.


'Independence Day: Resurgence' hand and footprint ceremony, Los Angeles, USA - 20 Jun 2016

Landing $6M in 33 markets, Fox’s IDR has now taken in $270.8M at the international box office. Japan has been particularly embracing of the Roland Emmerich sequel with a cume to date of $22.8M after four weeks. Germany led this frame with $1.9M and a 32% drop in the helmer’s home market. The cume there is $13.7M. Italy comes under invasion on September 8.



After opening at No. 1 last weekend in the UK, Steven Spielberg’s The BFG dropped 30% from Saturday to Saturday. EOne is releasing locally where the family pic ended its sophomore session at No. 3 for the UK weekend with a $4.3M session. That brings the total to a strong $19M in a market which has a natural affinity for the works of Roald Dahl. We’ll have more EMEA numbers tomorrow where the movie goes out through Mister Smith’s international partners. Key future openings include Scandinavia on August 5; the Middle East on August 10 & 11; Eastern Europe on September 1; and Italy on January 1, 2017.


From Blumhouse Productions and Platinum Dunes, the Universal release grossed $3.2M in 30 territories this weekend for a total of $17.57M. Combined with domestic, the worldwide cume is $96M. Italy was the frame’s top opener, voting for No. 2 with $697K at 242 dates. Russia gave the franchise its best start ever with $398K at 515 dates. Belgium set a similar record with $190K at 25 dates. Same goes for Paraguay which opened to $16K at 12. There are still 12 markets to come including Mexico on August 19, the UK on August 26 and Brazil and Germany September 15.


New Line and Universal’s Dwayne Johnson/Kevin Hart-starrer added $2.6M in 50 territories this weekend and raised the international total to $77.5M. Combined with Warner Bros’ domestic gross, the worldwide total is $202.7M. The $200M barrier was crossed earlier this week. Chile ($84K/37 dates), Colombia ($299K/133) and Paraguay ($11K/10) were new this frame with five more markets to go. Among majors, next up is France on August 24, followed by Brazil on September 1.



Sultan (YR): $86.13M worldwide cume; on pace to overtake Dhoom 3‘s $87.9M as No. 3 all-time global Bollywood grosser

Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates (FOX): $1.56M weekend; $11M international cume. Next up: UK August 10, France August 17, Germany September 1

The Shallows (SNY): $1.2M weekend; $14.6M international cume. Next up: UK August 12, France August 17, Australia August 18, Brazil/Germany/Italy August 25

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows (PAR): $631K weekend; $154.9M international cume. Next up: Germany August 11, Japan August 26

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (FOX): $462K weekend; $21.6M international cume in UK/Holland. Next up: Australia August 4

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