Steve Guttenberg “Moved” By Bill Clinton’s ‘Police Academy’ Love

Associated Press

During Bill Clinton’s DNC speech on Tuesday, the former President mentioned as an aside how he and Hillary handled raising their daughter Chelsea during one particularly rough period of time of his presidency (you can guess when). Said Clinton, “Truth is, we rarely disagreed on parenting, although she did believe that I had gone a little over the top when I took a couple of days off with Chelsea to watch all six Police Academy movies back to back.”

That tidbit came as something of a surprise to Americans and sparked much discussion online – Chelsea even referred to it tonight in her own DNC speech. It wasn’t however a surprise to Steve Guttenberg, who starred in the first four Police Academy films and was told about Clinton’s enthusiasm for them in person when they met several years ago. “It was a fun, meaningful story about the fun side of parenting. But I actually saw him a few years ago, and another reason that story rang so true is that he was telling the truth… We were talking, and he was saying he was having a couple of days that were challenging,” Guttenberg told Deadline. “And I knew what it was about at the time, it was in the papers. And he told me ‘I gotta tell you, I sat down with Chelsea and I watched all six Police Academy movies.'”

“It was such a delightful surprise to me,” Guttenberg continued, “but I couldn’t help but think to myself, ‘you’ve got the most important job on the planet, and you’re taking time out to watch Police Academy?” But years later I’ve come to understand it’s very important when you’re driving at 100 miles an hour to pull over and refuel and oil up the gears. It really moved me to know that with such an important job, he still was mindful of how important that it. I think that’s a requisite quality in a great person.” Guttenberg added that it’s something he’s tried to apply to his own life, citing the importance of recreational time to keep functional personally and career-wise.

Guttenberg most recently starred in the SyFy Sharknado-universe comedy Lavalantula and is set to reprise his role in the sequel, 2 Lava 2 Lantula, due out later this year.

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