Stephen Colbert Welcomes Comedy Central ‘Broad City’ Talent To ‘Late Show’


Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, who famously successfully “begged and stalked” Hillary Clinton into guesting on their Comedy Central show, appeared on The Late Show’s live DNC edition, right after Clinton, in Philadelphia, became the first female presidential candidate in a major U.S. political party.

Yes, the same Comedy Central whose lawyers, or it may have been the lawyers of parent company Viacom, informed CBS lawyers they owned The Colbert Report’s Stephen Colbert character and considered his appearance during The Late Show’s live week of RNC broadcasts to be rannygazoo of the highest order.

Colbert, the bigger man, thumbed his nose at the attorneys on Wednesday night’s broadcast, introducing Stephen Colbert Character’s identical twin cousin, and a new Late Show segment called “The Werd,” but appears not to have banned Comedy Central from plugging its content on his show.

They joined Colbert via satellite from Philadelphia circa July 4, 1776, and were the country’s first female delegates.

“I just wanted you to know it’s 2016 and we finally have a female presidential nominee,” Colbert announced.

“Well, butter my bonnet! That is incredible!” Jacobson enthused in a bobbing oversized bonnet.  “I’m going to celebrate by making a meal for my husband, then cleaning it up immediately!”

“I cannot believe that in the year 1816 we finally have a female President!” chimed in Glazer.

Colbert corrected her on the year.

“Get the butter out of the barn! You telling me it takes 240 years to get a female President?” Glazer shouted.

Colbert corrected her on the “President” part.

“What the butter is wrong with you people!” she shrieked.


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