CNN Wins DNC Ratings Vote As Obama Speech Steady With RNC Day 3 Viewership


In what looks to be an increasingly closer than expected election, the viewership for the Day 3 of the Democratic National Convention and Day 3 of the Republican National Convention may be an indication of where this is all heading in November.

A grand total of 24.058 million people watching President Barack Obama, VP Joe Biden and would-be VP Tim Kaine on the 10 – 11:45 PM ET convention coverage on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News Channel, NBC, ABC and CBS. That means the DNC inched ahead of the comparable night for the RNC on July 20. And by inched, I mean, inched as the somewhat chaotic night for the GOP drew an audience of just over 23.37 million on the same outlet plus Fox Business Network – a 3% rise.

With the Jeff Zucker-run cable newer in the top spot again with 6.17 million total viewers in the nearly 2-hour slot and 2.16 million viewers in the 25-45 news demo, the third night of the DNC was basically even with the night before. Day 2 of the DNC on July 26 snagged 24.30 million viewers from 10 – 11:15 PM as Bill Clinton commanded the stage in Philadelphia.

CNN was actually up a bit in both overall viewer and the news demo by 4% and 5%. MSNBC was second in viewers with 4.92 million and 1.413 among the 25-54s, followed by same coverage on NBC itself with had 4.167 million viewers and a demo silver medal result of 1.504 million. ABC was next with 3.55 million total viewers and a demo result of 1.282 million and CBS had 2.86 million viewers and 922,00 among the 25-54s. RNC topper FNC in sixth place last night with an audience of 2.394 million and a last place news demo finish of 662,000.

Comparisons to the 2012 DNC are a bit weak in all honesty as that gathering went three days and this year’s is going four. However, with Hillary Clinton set to speak tonight all ratings eyes will be on if the ex-Secretary of State tops the 35.7 million that tuned into to watch a running for reelection President Obama deliver his acceptance remarks on September 6, 2012. No sure how many of his supporters would be watching anyway, but Donald Trump’s campaign sent out a fundraising letter urging the ex-Celebrity Apprentice host’s potential donors not tune into Clinton’s speech. Again, something to keep an eye on.

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