‘Gilmore Girls’ Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino Talks Spoiler Fears, Melissa McCarthy’s Return & More – TCA

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Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino said it is inevitable that, five minutes after the new show redux hits Netflix, some subscribers will put on social media the final few words of this new series of four 90-minute episodes.

“Yes,” she shot back when asked whether the spoiler would ruin the new batch of series, Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life. She was speaking during the show’s TCA panel today at the Beverly Hilton, where Netflix unveiled that all four episodes will premiere globally November 25 at 12:01 AM PT.

“It would be great if people who wanted to see the last four words got therapy before it airs and got rid of that inclination, because it really is a journey,” she said. “It will mean a lot more if you take the journey and less if you flip to the last page. I hope people will take the whole trip.”

Sherman-Palladino said she had argued with Netflix execs against releasing all of the new episodes at once. “I told them I’m going to hang myself with the shower curtain if put them all out,” she said. “It was my hope to put them out separately, because I’m 1,000…and it’s such a journey and a build to the last four words, and I knew people were going to go” to the final moments and “spoil it.”

But, she joked, “I don’t have the ass I want” either. “I didn’t want to put them out separately but the good outweighs the bad….[Netflix] is a wonderful place to create things in a different way, so the shower curtain will wait.”


The Netflix re-look at the popular franchise was not part of a grand master plan. “When we left Gilmore Girls we left Gilmore Girls, and moved to New York and I bought more hats. There was no Netflix. When Netflix popped up and stormed the world…we thought, ‘What a great opportunity to delve into a different form, to tell stories in a different ways.’ ”

“It’s a different form; you’re not writing to commercials or to sell soap or tampons,” she said, calling that “exciting.”

“We pitched exactly what we got,” added EP/writer/director Dan Palladino. “With all streaming services coming up it’s a new way for people like us, who are bored with the old ways, to tell stories.”

The new episodes no longer are about a high school girl and her mom, Sherman-Palladino said. Now it’s about “two women, chicks… they can sit and drink and talk about sh*t.”

And they’re family, which is the best of all possible sh*t, she said. “I really feel like the sh*t in your family never gets worked out. To me that is what is so great about family. It’s a constant evolution, about ‘Maybe this Thanksgiving, maybe this Christmas!’ ”

“You never run out of conflict.”

Melissa McCarthy’s return to the franchise as Sookie for the new episodes was not the internecine struggle depicted in the media, Sherman-Palladino said, calling this “an age of ugliness and and how do we stir up bad feelings” in the press. Reports walking up to the new production had producers saying McCarthy was too busy, others saying McCarthy saying she was never asked, etc.

“It was perfect,” Sherman-Palladino said of McCarthy’s participating, describing the actress’ chemistry with Lauren Graham as a Lucy-and-Ethyl thing.

Graham said it was like they’d been apart five minutes.

Netflix made available on July 1 all of the 153 episodes that aired over seven seasons on WB and CW. That walk-up came ahead of the revival of the series, which secured all six cast members from the original series led by stars Alexis Bledel and Graham reprising their roles as the mother-daughter duo of Lorelai and Rory.

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